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Jan 22, 2008
Hey guys. I posted some information related to this conundrum in my thread in General Discussion, but I think it would be more logical to post it here.

The bike I'm motorizing is an old Ross Eurotour. I bought it at an antique shop for cheap, and I really have grown attached to the little gremlin. It's the most wretched color of copper you've ever seen, and the chain looks like it's literally made of rust. My concern though, lies in the wheels.

The tires are supper skinny. I'm guessing 1 3/8". Atleast that's what I was told. Some people claim that these skinny wheels cut down on vibration, but I have 2 fears regarding them. Firstly, a rough ride, and second is uncontrollable speed. The tires on mine are dryrotting, so I have to replace them anyway, but I was wondering if it's worth replacing the wheels to accommodate bigger tires.

I'm not sure if they're old Schwinn Sized wheels or what. I'm also not sure what size wheel I could squeeze in under those fenders. If you have any experience replacing wheels of this nature I ask for any advice possible. I can take measurements, I just need to know what to measure. The best I can do right now is attach some pictures.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



PS: I searched the best I could, if it's been covered before I apologize.


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Here is a complete source of info: http://www.sheldonbrown.com/tire-sizing.html
You have: 26 x 1 3/8 (E.A.3) 590 mm Most 3-speeds, department-store or juvenile 10 speeds

It sounds like you want to keep your old size and you can buy better tires here:

You'll also see them at Wally World, but they (really) won't be as good. You can have the hubs relaced into better rims: http://sheldonbrown.com/harris/rims/590.html but that can be costly. $40 for the rim plus labor..

Converting to a standard 26" rim could be an option, but it will take you some time to find the correct sizing that you'll need. Go here: http://www.sheldonbrown.com/tire-sizing.html and do a find on "Width Considerations". The advantadge here would be a smaller diameter rim allowing you to keep the fenders (559 vs. 590) and a standard Mtn. size tire. With your current fork (and fender), I don't think you can go very wide. Have fun and let us know how it goes.
Mtn. Size:
26 x 1.00 through 2.3 559 mm Most Mountain bikes, cruisers, etc.

That is a tremendous amount of info to digest. I may just go with new tires for now, it just seems easier (and much cheaper).
i believe your wheels require an "S-7" size tire, check the sidewall of your existing ones for "s-7" (or "s-6")...this is a randomly chosen search result, i don't know anything about the vendor: http://www.biketiresdirect.com/productdetail.asp?p=KES7T&st=bw

imo, your bike's wheels will take the basic install...but your selection of tires will be limited...the best S-7 tires and tubes you can find is what you're after.

IF you find you have a regular 26 x 1 3/8 tire, i bet you could get away with using something up to 26 X 1.9.
Thanks augi!

Those look like they'd be a bit more stable than what I'm currently dealing with. I'll check to see if they're s-7s on my bike.
Well, Taylor went and checked the tires for me (the bikes are at his place). He said that the only markings on the tire were 26 X 1 3/8. No S-6 or S-7. I assume that means that I have the 590 mm tires John was pointing me towards?
i have the same problem on my murray ten speed, i have had no probs with 26x1 3/8 , they actually sell them by bell at walmart, i replaced the ORIGINAL tires off my bike this summer, they'd never been changed, and have no dryrot! the only reason i changed em is cause they were gettin bald, if you want ill send em to ya :) walmart also sells the tubes, but keep in mind, youhave to look hard, and everything at walomart is usually opened, cause stupid people buy the stuff and get the wrong size, so you have to look at the back of the shelf, especially with tubes, cause often they have holes from people trying to force them on, i will take pics as soon as i can, but i have a feeling ill be locked out of my shed tommrow, cause its raining and its supposed to go down to 20 tonight, but let my know where it takes you ps my bell tires have yet to let me down :) oh, and dont be afarid if you get tires that come in a 2 in box, they will come back into shape :) and i dont seem to go at stupidly fast speeds
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