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  1. Bible Man 20

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    ok well lately i have been working on putting a chainsaw engine onto an old electric wheel chair.I just had a few questions on how i should do things or if what im planning will even work.I have attached all of the possible photos i need to show you my issues and ideas.

    the first pictures are just showing you what I have to work with and some of the things i have done so far.the chainsaw is a poulan 2300 series (i think).I took a picture of the front sprocket setup, but i dont think I could attach the chainsaw in a position that would compliment it.

    the next photos are the upclose photos of my engine.i dont know how to take off that centrifigul clutch, but i dont know that i need too.I also took a picture of the "sproket" that is already attached to chainsaw (it is attached to the clutch as shown).will the "sproket" already attached to the chainsaw be sufficient for pulling the bicycle chain i plan to use?

    I also have attached photos of the 36t sprocket and a back wheel off of the wheelchair.I plan to weld the sproket to the wheel in the position that it is in in picture: motoredbikes002.JPG .I have my finger on the piece on the inside of the wheel that turns freely, if this is welded stuck will i have any major problems?

    well that about does it for now.If you can answer any of these problems or help me diagnose issues, i would very greatly appreciate it.

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  2. AussieJester

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    That isn't an electric wheelchair that is a mobility scooter :)

  3. DJChrisp

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    Awesome idea but I think this will become increasingly complicated as the project moves forward.
  4. Alaskavan

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    Too small of wheels.That thing is made to go at the speed it does.
  5. AussieSteve

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    If you only want to crawl along, it'll be fine if you gear it correctly. Don't expect more than 10-20 kph though. (6-12 mph)
    I'd love to see how it corners.
    Do those wheels have bearings?
  6. Egor

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    That would be cool to run up into the house! You could run some Castor Been oil in it, that would make the house smell like Ascot Park on a Saturday night in the 60's. I love the smell of Castrol in the morning. LOL Have fun, Dave

    PS: I needs a bigger engine.
  7. Bible Man 20

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    wow i was totally not thinking of all the possibilites!!today i was messing around with it and i suddenly realized that all the wheels have to same axle entery diameter (they all fit the same size axle)!so i took the chain off the front,removed the wheel with sprocket, and switched the back right and the front wheel out.it still pushes smoothly so i have no problem there.now all that is left is to figure out a secure way of attached the actual engine to the left of the back right wheel (which il try to do 2moro and it shouldnt be very hard).il take pictures when i get it all finished.
  8. Bible Man 20

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    yes, they do, so when the wheels turn it isnt wearing down the axle.I think i will be able to hit atleast 15 smoothly with this.haha we'll see how it turns out...