Wheelchair wheels?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by possenti, Jul 9, 2009.

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    I've been thinking about a 2nd build, and I really want to have some unique-looking wheels on it. I know about the "no-spokes" on the market, but I'm a dumpster-diver at heart (I work at a landfill), and I was wondering if similar wheels from a discarded wheelchair could be modified for a bike.

    Is anyone familiar with this wheel design? From my limited research, the most common size is 24". I know some models are pneumatic, but are they compatible with bike tires/tubes? What about the axle and sprocket mounting? How much modification would it take? Tell me that it's possible, and I just may give it a try...

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    i used a couple once for a trike, however the wheels themselves where quick release. ie approx 1" shaft with 2 visible bearings that hold the wheel inplace. once depressed the bearings retract and the wheels slip right off the axle.
    it wouldn't be an easy conversion.
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    I've seen wc wheels at the recycling center with a center mount nut into the axle. Looked pretty sturdy. I'd be concerned about impact on the road at 15+ mph. Those wheels were solid hard rubber. Same as last writer, the bearings were pressed on to the wheel. Without careful mod, I'd be concerned them being up to the kind of wear and tear on a bike traveling on rough roads and greater distances than they were designed for. IMO.
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    I work for a wheelchair manufacture. I have access to all kind of parts.

    Will they work? Yes! However, wheelchair wheels are designed with a front and back. Meaning, they are designed to be put on a axle reciever and not a fork. Bicycle wheels are designed that both sides of the wheel are balance to be supported by a fork from both sides.

    I have used them to build trailers, trikes and wagons. I would not put them on my MB and go 25+mph. I don't think they would be stable.