Wheelie With An Auto Clutch?

Hal the Elder

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Oct 20, 2008

What kind of mods and equipment were you using to pull a Wheelie on a WhizzMaster with an Automatic Clutch?

I have to help mine with pedals to cross an intersection in a reasonable time! (My 225 pounds slows the progress somewhat...)

I'd sure be interested to read that story!

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Hi Hal,

40.3 MPH, 8820 RPMs in 150 feet. Milled & reworked head, special mushroom lifters [my racing design], 26 MM carburetor [with a 130 main jet], Camshaft by Precision Cams in NC, special timing plate [my design]41 degrees BTDC, special pipe with 45 degree cut, tuned & ported intake manifold with 1" I.D., ported exhaust manifold, ported cylinder, automatic clutch with mated shoes [100%] and a rockwell 58 bearing sleeve, adjustable vintage clutch spring, zero play clatch arm, hi test gasoline [pump gas], and a lot of nerve. Won the "Dirt Drags" in Dawson Springs, KY in 2007 & 2008 [in 2008 by changing exhaust pipe won both stock appearing and modified classes].

Ask JBCrusin on this site about how fast it is. When he was at my house a few weeks ago, he rode it, ask him what he thinks. He even has pictures of the bike almost straight up, and missed the chance to snap a picture of the Whizzer dropping me off the back onto the ground.
Have fun,

It sounds like there was nothing left in that engine that was stock!

With Reverent Awe...
I've Had Mine Up To 32...

...but I think I could get another MPH or two if I had the nerve to try it.

I'm just happy that the little squirrel-cage ain't straining at 20MPH anymore, thanks to opening up the intake passage!

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Hey Quenton:

You're using the stock NE crank, rod, & pin with all that high-compression, high RPM action happening on top?

Stock crank & rod bearings too?

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Hi Hal, A lot of the motor was left stock, including the crankshaft & rod, however I did install spacers between the crankshaft and the side cover to stop the crankshaft from drifting to the right. I also forgot to mention I had installed my special oil deflector system inside the lifter cavity to keep the oil inside the motor. The 26 MM carburetor was stock except for the large main jet [the larger carburetor was used on the very first NE motors]. I have heads with a much better combustion chamber, and hi fins to lower the operating tempature, but couldn't use them because of the rules. In order to compete in the "stock apearing" class, the motor must look stock on the outside. The head option would be allowed in the "modified" class, but would have taken too long to change between runs. I used a special "header" pipe [donated by Ron Dow] because it was easy and quick to change. Last year [2007] I changed the carburetor to alter the classes and also won both classes, but messing with gas and cables was too time consuming.

Have fun,
The Wheelie

I was there. I was at Quenton's to visit while my wife Bonnie visited with Donna (Quenton's wife). Whizzer heaven & Quenton is a gracious host. Asked me which bike I wanted to ride when we went for a ride. I was dumb enough to choose the Ambassador because I heard so much bad about them & the bad stuff we hear is true.. I rode his wife's bike also & that baby ran too.
Okay the wheelie. I rode it. He has a track around a pond at his house & when I started out on it I felt the power & thought "don't end up in the pond". I couldn't believe the power.
Check out the picture of Quenton doin the wheelie. I saw the pics online & wondered how that could be possible until I rode it & saw Quenton on it. Since then I think "imagine Quenton building an engine like that for me. I wonder how much it would cost".
The proof is in the pic his feet are off the ground!!!! He flipped it and it ended up on top of him but he jumped up before I could get a shot of it. He just laughed & got back on.


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