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    does anyone know the whereabouts of wheelmaster?

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  4. stude13

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    thanks guys! all it we have to do is ask. wonderful.
  5. The Wheelmaster

    Yep, thats me, you got it right, hope I can be of assistance sometime, shoot me a call or e-mail or both, I'll get back to ya right away, I really appreciate the business !
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    Hey Wheelmaster. My buddy here in Tacoma (he builds custom motorcycles) and I were talking and he heard that you pull and thread roll your own spokes, which would be very cool. That true?
  7. Yes, this is true, I have blank spokes in #10 #9 and #8 gauge, the length of the blanks allows me to experiment with different lace patterns,I can cut and thread my own spokes which allows me to custom design spokes for litereally anything.. ;)
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    Its hard for me to e mail you through your website. My computer doesn't like the link. I'm interested in having a 10 gauge motor bicycle wheel built and many people have been talking up your custom built rims. What is a good e-mail address to contact you?
  9. the wheelmaster

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