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    edit: sorry about the vague title. I'm not sure what happened there and don't know how to edit it.

    Anyway, I just picked up this 26 built in tank frame from bikeberry.


    I want to run a coaster rear and disc or drum front brake. I like these from gasbike but I have a question about the axle length on the rear.


    The frame measures 135mm in the back and I am wondering if the axle on the read hub above will fit here. I am not seeing any specs on the histop hub.

    Does anyone have any experience with this rear hub?
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    Well generally the largest and by far most common of the largest size is 135. I saw a 170 but that's usually only for 4 inch wide tires and rims. I've got a 3 inch tire yet I still have a 135 hub.

    I would say that if the size was bigger than standard they would almost definitely mention it, and put a price fitted for it too.

    Now personally? I would buy the individual parts on Amazon and lace it myself. The only off part might be spokes, I might have to use ebay for them.

    I would go. With disk brakes, I don't know about parts or wear characteristics of those hubs however, I do know that disk brakes are upgradable, and so are disks, and pads. I know that coaster brakes are a world of problems too with these bikes, give the search button a quick see to understand why.

    Easiest answer is to ask the supplier, if they sell it they should know, don't mind if it takes them a few weeks to answer, gas-bike has become notorious for being, to put it plainly, sh*t. Again, refer to the search button lol.

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    I was thinking about building the wheels from scratch but, since this would be a first for me I figure the price was right on those prebuilt ones. Thanks again for the info.

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    As far as the coaster idea, I was thinking about running a dual cable brake lever for a front disc/drum and a rear cantilever since the frame has mounts for them. However, I don't like the idea of a single point of failure on the dual cable brake lever. That's why I was thinking a coaster in the rear for redundancy.
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    As a point of redundancy then yeah total sense, do it.

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    Ok, I have decided to lace my own wheels so I am going to need a little help sincle I've never done this before.

    I want to go with a maxis hookworm 26x2.5 tire


    and am thinking this Shimano Front Disc 36 hole hub


    and this coaster in the rear for 12g spokes


    Now, I would like to find a heavy duty double wall , all black, set of rims that will work with those maxis tires.

    The Sunringle Rhynolite XL looks to fit the bill but I'm not 100%


    The rim profile on that wheel looks to be 29.2 outer and 23.5 inner.

    now, if I look at this chart a 23 rim looks to accept a 62mm tire


    Just wondering if I am looking at that correctly?

    I am open to any other brand suggestions too as long as I'm not running way over $100 per wheel. The only requirements are all black rim, disc hub in the front and rear coaster that accepts 12 gauge spokes.
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    Paint makes anything black, when done right it stays.

    What has you deciding on double wall? Are you planning on hard beating the bike?

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    Hey, I don't want no lip there grade 8 boy :) kidding :)

    No reason really on the double wall other than the price vs. single seems negligible for overkill.

    As far as the paint, my other hobby is restoring old mopars so I know my finishes :) I have no problem painting the rims but I would lean to anodized first.

    I am open to any recommendations since I am just at the hobbyist level when it comes to these two wheel things. So color aside, lets say we need 26" rims, coaster 12 ga rear and disc mount hub in the front. Rims that will fit those big 2.5" maxiss hookworm tires.

    I'm getting really close to having everything ordered, the wheels are just throwing me for a loop right now.

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    This has good instructions (on more than just wheel-build if you go to the main page) and links to the accompanying YouTube videos.

    Is a good little list of rims that are light enough for pedal power but tough enough for long distance loaded touring.

    I would not call the rhyno lite a heavy duty rim. It's heavy for a road bike, ie good for touring bicycles but it's no 36mm (30mm internal) Halo SAS, double wall, double stainless steel eyeletted, pinned AND welded, black anodized, downhill//tandem/BSX rim. ;)
    Mine (yes I love them and want to shout about it lol) look fine with the (claimed) 2.2" Halo Twin Rail II dual compound tyres I just put on them. They could take smaller tyres too if need be or the 3" Nokian Gazzalodi for some "hard beating" lol :)
    I got the front 36 spoke disc wheel for £42 with the N.G. and the rear 48 spoke disc wheel for £34, used, off that auction site. The rims alone are £45 new and they do sell them in USA too.

    The chart is conservative to say the least! Also tyre manufacturers deliberately lie about the width to skew the claimed weight figures so it is difficult to compare between brands.
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    I think this is why I am so confused right now. Thanks for the insight.
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    Handle bar lights are cool, where did you pick them up?

    My question still stands, what are you planning to do with the bike, considering the paint job it doesn't seem like anything extreme, otherwise you'd pick a color less noticeable when it comes to dings and dirt.
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    I stumbled across the lights earlier this week on amazon. They are called Winglights. You just smack the side of the handlebars and they start blinking for 45 seconds or until you smack them again. Fairly tits idea for blinkers since I don't want to run a lot of wiring.


    As far as the other question, I am going to use the bike for just cruising downtown on pavement. I am going for a high contrast black and white look hence the black rims. I might add some red or copper accents here and there.
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    Don't bother then with the double wall, you're even using rims wider than 2 inches so it's almost not even worth considering even on trails. Your rims would probably need to be double if you went with higher end racing rims that were very thin, like under an inch.

    The vast majority of your wheel durability will be in the axle and bearings, then spoke pattern, and of course tires. The rim is more like a way to keep the wheel round, and that's only if the spokes are set up right.

    For the most part you will taco a rim, expensive or dirt ass cheap, exactly the same way regardless, which is by running it over with a car or driving it 25 mph into a car like object. Breaks are actually kind of rare once you get spoke tension down even and don't ride on flats. Hell, I bent a rim and unbent it with my hands and a pair of pliers on the bad parts, still riding around on it like it never happened.
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    You said something about using maxxis hookworms.... A better cheaper alternative is
    CST Cyclops, they are 2.4 in wide and they are almost identical tires at almost 1/4 of the price
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    Very cool man, thanks for the lead.