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    Hi All
    I have a zbox 48cc And I think I have a spark plug problem. I have tried to purchase the advised plug in Australia but no one seems to have heard of them. They are NGK BP-6L , NGK B-6L or NGK R&-HS . Is there an equivalent plug that any one could advise me on.
    Thanks for the help.

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    wheelspin...search before posting, everything you could possibly need to know as a happy-time beginner is already here...and, "wheelspin" is a horrible choice of topic-title (except your intro, that is, that was fine :))...are you new to using forums? if you are, now's the time to say so, then we can help...but i can't let you learn as you go(how to use forums) on the open board, because we don't have the room for it...and staff doesn't have the time for it.
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  4. wheelspin

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    Thanks very much for help. I am new to forums.
    Thanks again
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    Wheelspin. A lot of the reason Augie and his posse insist on searching before posting is to make it so you don't end up with 500 possibilities any time you do a search. It does take a little time to learn how to choose search terms that will really narrow down a search. Any time you're looking for something and can't find it, send me a PM. I check the board a couple of times a day, so if you send a message, I'll get it.
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    I thought this tread was going to be about doing burnouts
  7. HA...It got me too Josh! ;-)
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    makes three :p
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    Hey guys, I am new here also,I did say something about friction roller spins in wet roads?
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