When good diesels go bad

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Fabian, May 27, 2010.

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    wow thats a lot of smoke coming from those machines
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    It would be a frightening experience as you can't turn the engine off, even when taking the key out of the ignition lock.
    The motor keeps running till it either goes "BANG" destroying itself or it just plain runs out of engine oil; melting all the parts together.

    I've never seen it happen, but it sure would make an impressive spectator sport.

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    The only way to get the engine to stop is to block off the intake with a board or piece of metal. Suffocate it to break the combustion cycle.
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    My diesels all have an airflow control valve that shuts intake air to engine during shutdown.

    I've had a runaway once in an 04 Jetta TDI when turbo blew. It was a non-event, I slammed on brakes while in gear and simultaneously turned ignition (not really an ignition switch per say but you know what I mean) and engine shut down before any damage could be done.

    This is a perfect example of why stupid people shouldn't be allowed to drive.

    A runaway on a diesel is scary but its worse when it happens on a CH-47D helicopter. You only have a very frew precious seconds to pull full collective pitch to prevent overspeed of the rotor system (not good) while shutting engine off or reducing fuel flow via engine control levers. I had that happen once due to a faulty fuel control unit.
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