when i ride my bike, it gets very hot after 10 seconds

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by chegarty15, Jul 2, 2012.

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    Well, there is an intense fire of about 1500 degrees happening inside there. "Hot" is relative. You need a measurement to begin with.
    But let's assume it is getting hotter than your buddies engines. Probably due to either a high compression head or to a fuel mixture that is too lean. Look to see what color the spark plug is. Chocolate brown is the lightest you want it to be. A lean mixture can happen from air, other than what comes through the carb throat, entering into the engine. Most common is a leak at the carb/manifold junction. Crank seals can let air in also when they are worn out or when they were installed crooked.

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    Either your engine is running lean or it's making a lot more horsepower than my engine.
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    it's an internal combustion engine....it will get hot.
    if the fuel - air mixture is too lean it will get hot very fast & if it gets too hot the engine will lock up.
    you did mix 2 stroke oil with your gas at a 20:1 ratio right.
    no oil in the fuel will make a 2 stroke heat up (very hot) very quickly & it will seize the engine in no time.
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    i have 20:1 gas to 2 stroke oil. do you think it is okay to just ride anyway?
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    I've sent you a web link.

    If you scroll down to the Koso EGT section of the page, you will see some photos of the installation, as well as the video of my bike with the functioning EGT and CHT displays.
    I've found that having a permanently installed EGT (with the fast response sensor) helps massively in setting up optimal jetting, as well as keeping an eye on things.
  7. The air resistance when one passes through the sound barrier increases quite a lot, that would explain why your bike gets hot. Or did you mean the engine ON the bike, rather than the bike itself?