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    Is there a particular time of year when bicycle manufacturers,engine dealers, walmart, etc. run clearance to move last years merchandise.I am restoring a 1974 schwinn speedster but have decided not to motorize this one.

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    Reduced price

    If there out, and theres only a display model left might get a cheaper price.:tt1:

    Check local paper might score a decent one there.
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    craigslist, e-bay...during the fall/ winter months.
    people like to get rid of stuff cheap to get it out of their hair. the interest kind of dies off in the states that have cold winters and snow.
    I have found MANY parts CHEAP on craigslist and e-bay between ocober and feb.
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    Is going to be getting some new bikes for spring/summer
    And if they have any left from winter they clear them to make room.
  5. Gas Bike had a sale last winter that was pretty good. I got a Grubee angle plug 66cc engine for $99. I'd say get on several companies' email list. That way they can tell you when they're having a sale.
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    Check Target

    They seem to have a little better quality bike than Walmart.
    but they cost more.
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