Crashes when your engine siezes...

Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by rattlerviper, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. rattlerviper

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    first please forgive my writinh I vant make it out of bed to my pc so i am posting from my cell.

    My motored bike was a well maintained china girl with about 500 miles on it. I was riding at 30 mph when the engine seized. There was no time to pull the clutch, I went downhard and NOW.
    Results? Second degree burn to to left calf, lots of road rash and bruises , and lastly a few broken ribs in the upper part of my chest.
    Urgent care doc wrote me off work for three weeks. I am truly lucky to be alive and just in a ton of pain.

    Please folks be careful out there ridimg these thinhs cause the umexpected can happen. We dont wanna lose anyone to a accident. Be careful out there.

  2. thuginfc

    thuginfc Member

    wow sorry to hear that .... i had mine sieze not long ago while riding with one hand lucky for me ive been riding bikes my whole life and kept in in control

    get better and fix the motor so you can ride again
  3. kerf

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    Best reason I can think of for riding a rack mount with a freewheel on the drive chain.
  4. Pablo

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    Standard bolt on sprockets are just evil. Just too many negatives.

    Hope you heal quickly!!
  5. robin bird

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    Wow that's scary --awful to be off work too !
  6. adb140275

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    i pray that mine doesnt seize. im just gonna gear up and keep the rpm down.
  7. rattlerviper

    rattlerviper New Member

    Thankfully it was just injuries to me...I just don't wanna hear that anyone dies because of something like this.
    Get than engine fixed? LOL...NO WAY. Have a BMP friction drive and a engine on the way. Saving a few bucks isn't worth the pain or more serious consequences to me.
    To everyone still riding these things (including my buddy) I hope none of you ever experience what I did.
  8. unior

    unior Member

    What flavor engine did you choose?
  9. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    Centrifgual clutch, freewheel hub, shifter kit all eliminate this from occuring in my ride. sorry to hear you got hurt. I did have a single speed freeze up on me and i was fortunate that I had been the n'hood skidding champion as a kid. My freeze up caused me to skid about 30 feet or so when my engine seized on me.

    if you have a single speed, practice skidding...go up to 20mph and lock your rear brakes. practice maintaining control until you stop. it isn't hard and when it occurs you'll be better prepared.
  10. mbatl

    mbatl Guest

    Very wise that you learn from accidents the first time around.

    I had a HT/China Doll bike and it was always one thing after another, carb, broken studs(inside the engine case), chain tensioner, finding a tool to cut the chain, mixing the gas (I hate that), ...

    I put alot of carefree miles on my Full suspension Staton friction drive 4 stroke robin-subaru 33cc bike now. I trust it. The only real complaint I have is the gas tank range isn't big enough.

    BTW, why do the HT motors seize in the 1st place??
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  11. adb140275

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    pistons break, wrist pins back out, bearing failures, rod could possibly break....
  12. philski

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    Thank you for the valuable reminder and lesson to all. i really hope you get back on your feet soon too. And, caring about everyone else at the same time! Legendary..!
    falling off is never fun at any speed.

    i was just wondering? Was it running too lean or not enough oil in the mix? good idea to let your bike warm up for even metal expansion too, and always run it on the rich side. have you inspected it internally yet? the plug? One thought! the little spring circlip that hold your piston pin in are notorious for falling out in even well respected motors (honda, yamaha) etc. The few china motors ive pulled apart have had too much clearance around the little end for anyone's good. loss of power and increased wear and increase the likelihood of it happening.

    motors normally give an indication they are about to fail. power will drop and return like its hunting for more fuel. but catastrophic engine failure is a very nasty business. a piston and rod could easily smash through the case, when they are accelerating at around 70 meters a second. and suddenly stop, it can be fatal. Ive seen steel V8 blocks turned into big chunks of shrapnel by a wayward piston and rod with a gaping black hole the only thing that's left of that cylinder.

    I hope you get well soon.
  13. WhizBangAndy

    WhizBangAndy Member

    My worst experience was the cheap chain tensioner getting friendly with about 1/2 of the rear spokes on my shiny new Fuji Beach cruiser around 20 MPH. Never fun when you get a spoke embedded in your calf muscle. Fortunately the VA gave me a tet**** shot before this happened so the pain was pulling it out and learning a lesson. Considering the wholesale cost of these (Being an Ex WD for Grubee Im not I am not surprised that one will just disintegrate while moving along.
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  14. WhizBangAndy

    WhizBangAndy Member

    REALLY Tet**** is CENSORED???
  15. Macka

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    I think it detects the @nus in tet@nus and thinks you are referring to an anatomical part.
  16. Stan4d

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    Macka is correct.......but I am unsure as to why medical terms are eliminated.....but this is a disscussion for the CC or the White Zone.

    Now Back to the topic.

    I think it is a very good idea to lock your back brake in a controlled situtation to learn what to do in an emergency.....It also crosses over. Lock the front brake, kill the motor without releasing the clutch.....on old tires have a flat at speed. It would be wise to try many different things, under controlled conditions (safety first) to learn how to react in an emergency.
  17. rattlerviper

    rattlerviper New Member

    I purchased a Monster engine to get me buy till after Christmas. At which time I will purchase a Suburu. Suprinsingly the monster engine apears to be well made.

    My HT was running rich on a 20:1 penzoil mix. It had about 500 miles on it. There were no sighns that anything was afoul. Upon disection it apears that the piston ring failed and wedged itself between the piston and cylinder wall bringing everything to a screeching hault. Everything else apeared normal. It even apears that with just a new piston ring the thing would run again...Not gonna try it though. It has been placed in the trash and thankfully carried off to where it deserves to be...The landfill.
  18. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    Couldn't have said it better! Emergency action procedures practiced frequently can save your live. Its something you do (emergency stopping, highspeed/lowspeed collision avoidance) if you take a motorcycle safety course and something that is ingrained in you if you ever become a military pilot. Its something that also saved my wife's life when I explained to her what to do if she ever had a "runaway" engine in her SUV. Her turbo seals failed in her diesel and the engine ingested the motor oil feeding the turbo and used it as fuel...since a diesel engine has no throttle to regulate air flow and uses as much fuel and air possible at a time, the engine ran away at more than normal max power. She did good, reacted appropriately and all was ok except for the engine which was toast.
  19. RedBaronX

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    SLIGHTLY off topic, but still about motorized safety... this punctuates why I hate "smart cars" with all sorts of "safety" features and avoidance controls etc... people stop thinking while they drive and assume that their vehicle will do most of the work... and then when something goes wrong, they don't know what to do!

    My brakes failed in my car... at the top of a hill... and while I had not practiced what to do in that situation, I still KNEW, and I made it safely to a parking lot-- under so much control that I actually parked in a marked stall with no damage to the car or to my surroundings.

    And what about all of those Toyota drivers with runaway throttles? It's called "neutral", folks!

    OK, I'm done with my rant...
  20. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    with how inexpensive these engines are, I would do the same thing, because you never know if there was something you can't see that caused the ring to fail... something that is still there and would cause another identical failure... (I don't know if that is even possible, but since I don't know, I would play on the safe side)