Where Are You REALLY In The Political Spectrum?

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    The political spectrum is NOT a 1-dimensional line, it is a 2-dimensional plane. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_spectrum

    I see the quadrants broken up into these 4 sections (from top-left all the way 'round to bottom-left): Communism, Fascism, Libertarianism, Socialism. That isn't technically accurate, but that's the way I consider it for the sake of simplicity. Communism & Fascism share the Authoritarian aspect of Government, which I oppose... yet they differ on the economic scale, where one thinks that government should control everything, and the other thinks that business should control everything. I see them BOTH as inherently wrong, because nobody wants the elite controlling them... plain and simple. Libertarianism & Socialism share the Anarchist (AKA: Libertarian) aspect, which I love... yet they too differ on the degree of government getting involved in the affairs of business matters.

    You can take a political spectrum test to see where you fall "in line"...


    These are on an economic scale from -10 to +10 and a social liberties scale from -10 to +10.


    Here's how I scored...

    "I am a centrist social libertarian"
    On the first test, I scored as a "centrist social libertarian"; Right: +0.47, Libertarian: -5.79.
    On the second test, I scored in the same group, tho slightly different; Left: -0.12, Libertarian: -4.46

    Soo... my average would be about dead-center on the economic scale, but I'm at a 5 on the Libertarian scale, which puts me on the exact opposite end of the spectrum as the Communist/Fascist "Authoritarian" end.

    Where do you guys score in both of these 2-dimensional scales?

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    Sparky, your assertion that the political spectrum is a 2D plane is frivolous over-simplification.

    Every human characteristic ever measured over a representative sample size fits the NORMAL distribution curve - the so called BELL Curve. Complex characteristics such as polotical orientation do NOT fit well to that curve, if it is considered as a 2D planar graph. If you rotate that curve through a 3rd dimension, producing a 3D figure resembling a regular conic rise with the central most point being tangential to the line defining the maximum value, and the edges sloping off asymptotically into infinity along the minimum value (for any measure), then take your two dimensional slice from that at some angle from the normal plane, then and only then will you approach a visualization of the reality, as everyone will be identifiable as being somewhere within that conic distruibution volume.

    In other words, your idea is a failure at visualizing reality in a meaningful way.
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    Jeezy Creezy... It'd be amazing if people could just drop their guard for once, play along, and have some fun.

    We could start with a 2D Plane for now and then play along with your 3D Cone model if you post a site [or two] for us to rate ourselves on that model. The 2D Plane is most certainly MORE realistic than saying that fascism/libertarianism is on the right-end of a line and communism/socialism/anarchism is on the left-end of the line. The 2D Plane is a decent start at getting people to use their noggin's and realize their political beliefs MORE accurately than they have been doing. When people are stuck on a 1D Line, people might need a couple steps to get to your level. I've realized that you can't just dump the absolute truth on most people right away, because they just won't believe you.

    And what's the harm in playing along just for the sake of comparison, discussion? That would be quite the trip where people did nothing but post their test results for the sake of comparison.
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    that is a good description of the demographic statistical distribution of the population.... but everything in nature can usually be described by a statistical bell curve so thus doesn't really say much about political orientation. Not really a good description for a political spectrum. I dont think the 2d model is any better really than a one dimensional line either... The term left and right are to arbitrary to mean anything.
  5. sparky

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    So, nobody cares to share their results?
  6. give me vtec

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    I would probably score right where you did.
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    Hey Spanky - I sent those links (after correcting the first one) to a buddy of mine who works for a market research company and he laughed when he saw the questions.
  8. sparky

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    I laughed too... What'd you get?
  9. scokes

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    that had to be the most boring "test" I have ever thought of taking. It took me three times before I finally made it past page 2. But anyways, F*** it. This just proves that I don't have strong feelings either way. Altough it got one thing right by putting me in the green quadrant....


    And the results are...

  10. kerf

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    I would question the interpretation of the information by this so called "test. I scored as a Authoritarian Left. That's kerf, leftist through and through.
  11. give me vtec

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    I did too...