Where are you?



Hi all, as I said in an earlier post I would like to have as many as will, give thier location in this thread, and if you are a bit out of town, say if you'd be interested in being at the Delta Whiz-In so we can get an idea of what, and whom, we might expect.
We want to make sure we have enuf room for everyone who want to come and share some playtime with us!

I will start, even tho I am listed in my posts Sacramento, and yeah I'm up for a ride! (wifey will be here too, and yes I am responsabile to be sure her bike runs well).

John (the chef and co-organizer of the ride) Napa CA. He's working on getting it together for us.

Ted, somewhere in the bay, he and "Eddie" are working in planning and will want to RIDE!


Count me in

Hi Mike
I am in Mountain View and would enjoy riding with a group more often. Thanks for the effort you guys are putting into this.
Brent Merkley