Where can i buy large spoke disc brake hubs

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  1. VoodooChild

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    Not sure if i posted my previous question in the wrong spot, so i'll try here.
    Does anyone know where i can buy large spoke disc brake hubs (10 to 12 gauge) i'm building a board track racer, and want to attach the sprocket to the disc brake holes.

  2. give me vtec

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    have you checked out the nuvinci hub??? It has internal gearing up to 350%, WILL NOT BREAK, has a disc brake mount, and uses 12 gauge spokes.
  3. loquin

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    When the Wheelmaster built my front wheel with 10 gage spokes, he drilled out both the hub and the rim. He told me that he usually needs to drill 'em out (for 10 gage spokes...)
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