Where can i find a fully built kit new under 700 dollars

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Abc111, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Abc111

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    What companies make fully complete gas bicycles under 700 dollars preferabley 500 that include a bike and an already mounted motor with minor assembly?

  2. Abc111

    Abc111 New Member

    The spooky tooth is nice but I'd like it to go more than their claimed 20 mph i think. Also, other than the original peddling, is it necesary to pedal anymore while up to speed?Anything alonmg the lines of 500 dollars.Thanks.
  3. skyl4rk

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    Once the bike is moving more than walking speed, the motor takes over and you don't have to pedal anymore.

    The Bare Bones at $525 is a good deal for a complete bike but remember shipping will be added. Or you could get a motor kit and put it on a garage sale bike.
  4. mralaska

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    Another sponsor on your left is Happy Time Cycles who advertises $495 bikes that can do 30. Tell them to gear it for speed, or spend a bit more and get a shift kit installed.
  5. astring

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    get one of these and put it on a cheap bike. They are super easy to mount. The build is a non issue.


    pop that on a $100 craigslist bike
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  6. sparky

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    I bought this folding bike for $500 shipped. Someplace on that site, it says it's not available, tho... so I'd call to make sure he can still get it.

    I love it, even tho I had to spend an extra $100 or so on it -- grips, brake lever as thumb throttle, seat, tires, larger crank since I don't have hills, speedometer... and then $60 for an awesome LED flashlight as my headlight.

    Good starter bike with dual freewheel for easy pedaling and handle on rack for super easy lifting. Plus, it folds... so you can put it in any vehicle if you meet up with someone else or run into trouble. I did have a few problems, and the guy at FiveFlags helped me out with a 90-day warranty... I'm pretty sure not many people offer that for MB kits, much less a pre-assembled bike. I wonder if it's still available or not...
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  7. skyl4rk

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    Wow, looks like a great deal. With a freewheel motor sprocket even, the unachievable holy grail for most kits.
  8. sparky

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    The bike itself does have some funky oddities, like creaks from the crank's odd bottom bracket for a BMX, but it is full-suspension... so it's not really a traditional BMX.

    The worst part of the bike, IMO is the handlebars. When you stand up to initially pedal, the handlebars creak as you push from side to side. It's certainly not the best quality, but I do love the design so much.