Where can i find a trike kit?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Neutronbomb, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. Neutronbomb

    Neutronbomb Guest

    I've been wanting the trike kit from spooky tooth for ages but can not get a reply from them to save my life!
    Are there any other trike kits that are ready to be mounted with an engine anywhere?
    If anyone knows where to find one, or has a link, please let me know!
    If you know that there's no place to get one, that info would help too.. so I don't keep this ridiculous search going forever.

    Oh yeah, I can't weld or anything.. so those lowrider trike kits that aren't gas engine ready don't help me much.. bummer!:ack2:

  2. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    I know they sell one at bicycledesigner.com which looks to be built pretty sturdy...
  3. Neutronbomb

    Neutronbomb Guest

    how do the ones they have work with an engine?
    i'm kind of lost on that part..
    any suggestions?
  4. Slackbiker

    Slackbiker Member

    I've looked at trike conversions, kind of expensive. Here's something different that is cheaper, can carry a passenger, can have one of the two bikes (Or both!) motorized as usual, and is much more stable than a trike. Trikes are actually very tippy except at low speed.


    You should probably check out the videos.
    Main disadvantages: need 2 bikes, and could be heavy (with 2 heavy bikes)
  5. Neutronbomb

    Neutronbomb Guest

    I'm more into the trike idea just for the looks of it.
    Two reasons the granny bike wouldnt work for me.
    1.) In Atlanta, to be considered a street legal moped it has to have no more than 3 wheels.
    2.) I wouldn't be caught dead whizzing down the road on one of those granny bike setups.

    Thanks for the info so far though!
  6. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    That granny bike setup.... not quite understanding how it would be easier to ride?

    More stable YES, easier to ride NO WAY

    First off, it would be just as wide as a sidewalk I am thinking, and turning at a corner would surely be an issue!

    Secondly, riding that thing on the side of the street would or could get you sideswiped by a passing car!

    Stick with the trike idea!
  7. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    NB, have you considered going to a tadpole trike?

    They are in fact, if properly engineered, not tippy at all. I'd suggest you look at Atomic Zombies creations, or any of the other designers out there. Even delta trikes, if designed carefully, can be much less of a tipping problem than you might expect.
  8. lemont1

    lemont1 Member

    I ordered the motor /coaster break trike kit from spooky tooth and recieved it within a week. I didn't try to contact them other than just placing the order though. I am out of town working right now but will start building my streach/chopper trike as soon as I get home and will post pics as it progresses.
  9. bikeman6969

    bikeman6969 Member

  10. Neutronbomb

    Neutronbomb Guest

    it looks like ordering anything from spooky tooth is a no go. I've been sending them emails and calling. finally got a reply to an email and all it said was "we're not doing any sales right now, we're closed for business rebuilding" or something along those lines. and I can't just go ahead and order the parts on the site because there seems to be no shopping cart or way to check out now. also it seems the address and phone number are gone now too.
    is spooky tooth no more!?!
    ... now i'm never gonna get a trike..
  11. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member


    Look at the Warrior and the StreetFox tadpole trikes, and the DeltaWolf delta trike info. All three are recumbents, and all three have excellent handling characteristics. The DeltaWolf especially, for a delta trike, is very well designed to avoid cornering issues, which it achieves with a VERY low CoG.
  12. Neutronbomb

    Neutronbomb Guest

    I wish i knew how to weld.. I'd be rollin around on the most rad trike ever!
  13. Norm in Laguna

    Norm in Laguna New Member

    I got the spooky tooth trike kit, and built a Tandem Beach Cruzer Trike. It's got a 68cc Skyhawk, it has a 9ft drive chain. It drives and runs great! Check out the pics I posted. The guy I built it for loves it and his wife can go with him. I'm building a little truck bed for it so they can picnic or whatever. Far as I know, I'm the only one to do this set-up. I'm really happy with the way the build turned out. I really like riding it. And yes, it gets a LOT of looks at the beach in San Clemente and Capo beach! The 9ft drive chain was a challenge, but no biggy.
  14. chainmaker

    chainmaker Member

    There was a post on another site saying Spookytooth was Closed indefinitely and for sale. Asmfar as Ive seen Spooky was the only one that sold the extra drive hub you need .
  15. Neutronbomb

    Neutronbomb Guest

    Norm, so rad! Now if someone else would just come along and start selling tje kit like spooky had I'd be good to go.

    Chainmaker, total bummer about spookytooth.
    it must be a hard business to stay competitive in when the majority
    of your customer base are coming from a diy mindset.
  16. Norm in Laguna

    Norm in Laguna New Member

    It's a real drag if spookytooth is gone. But when I dealt with them, you could tell there was way too much smokin and not enough workin if ya know what I mean. They had the goods though. Their hubs are great and they did a really good job fabing stuff up for me. Good work with a good price. I hope they come back.
  17. lemont1

    lemont1 Member

    I'm just glad I got the last of the parts I ordered. I hope they come back, they have helped me out quite a bit over the last couple months. Here are a couple pics of the trike I have been working on. Got it on the road, just need to finish the box and a few final touches, I'm pleased so far, runs great, real solid, just gotto slow before the turns.:helmet:

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  18. Neutronbomb

    Neutronbomb Guest

    I'm burning with jealousy.. Or perhaps it's the clap...
    no no.. I can feel it, it's definately jealousy! Killer steed, dude!
  19. rjcullis

    rjcullis New Member


    Find a friend who welds and do most of the grinding etc yourself. That way your friend has very little to do and will stay a friend. The people who have said see atomic zombie are right I am building a TriCruiser which was easy to modify for a motor by lengthening the distance between the seat and the pivot. This is a really easy and quick build and simple engine mount. If you decide to go this route I will help you out.

    The best peddle trike plan I've seen is the Jet Trike (plans are free on line). It leans into turns etc allowing phenomenal speed. I just cannot figure out how to mount an engine onto it.

  20. lemont1

    lemont1 Member

    Finished the trike today, I'm pretty pleased and the dog loves it!:tt1:

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