Wheels Where can I find spokes thicker than 14 gauge??

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by sparky, Aug 31, 2011.

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    I've got a Sturmey Archer S2 (2-speed kick back hub) in hand...
    I've got a Sun Rhyno Lite 700c (29er) wheel coming to me.

    I need to have the spokes in hand for when the rim gets here.

    Anybody know what the thickest spokes this rim will take??

    I've seen 10 gauge spokes from Buchanan's... but I don't really feel like drilling wider holes in my brand new rim.

    The bike shops around here say they can't even get 12 or 13 gauge spokes... esp. not for a 700c rim.

    What do I do now?? :cool2:

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    That is a handy resource right there.

    Thanks again, Goat Herder.
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    you can get them from Worksman and Husky, too.

    you'll still probably have to drill your rims and hubs. i'm pretty sure those rims are drilled for 14-15g, and unless the hub is the heavy duty model, it's probably the same.

    drilling rims takes no time at all, especially aluminum, but hardened steel hubs are a pain. get plenty of good drill bits, go slow, and use oil.
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    Hmm.... well, it's a good thing that I send my custom, steel hub off to :bowdown: The Wheelmaster!!

    The Sturmey Archer S2 has 2.5 mm holes, so it's ready for 13 gauge spokes. I can't get any info on the 700c Rhyno Lite, but I see others mention 13 gauge spokes, so it's certainly doable. I'm pretty sure it comes ready for 13 ga. nipples, but we'll see.

    It just might take a while for Mr. Holmes to get around to shipping me some spokes, but as long as they're here in the next week or so, I'll be fine. :)
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    with 13g you might be ok. i was thinking you wanted 11 or 12g.
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    13 ga spokes are the bare minimum for ANY wheel, IMHO.

    Only problem is that since this is for a 29'er (700c rim), 13 ga spokes should be fairly difficult to come across.

    I haven't found too many places that sell 13 ga spokes with 294 mm of length, tho.

    Husky and Worksman don't have any 13 ga spokes at all from what I could tell, and if they did... they weren't over 11" long.

    DT Swiss Champions & Alpine IIIs come in over 300 mm lengths.... but that's about it.

    I couldn't even find any real 13 ga spokes at all on ebay.

    So it's... Mr. Holmes, DT Swiss, or BUST!

    EDIT: Nevermind, Champions *are* 13 ga.
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    Only one set of spokes are thicker than 14 gauge... http://www.bikepartsusa.com/bikepar...-SS-302mm-12-Gauge-75-Per-Box&category=search

    It's all good, because Mr. Holmes provided me with a tracking number a few hours ago!!!!

    Awesome stuff. I'm glad somebody knows their purpose in life. I can't believe that the LBSs around here couldn't even point me in the direction of 13-gauge spokes. I guess it's time for me to open up my own bike shop, or at least a wheel shop. I'll call it... "The Wheel Slave".
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    look up per spoke...lots in 12 gauge LBS...can suck my left... here i refuse to darken his doorstep. Soon as he found out i wasn't a spandex wearing wedgie riding a $$$$$$ road bike he walked away
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    My "friend" at the LBS near me is a racing pro (aka: a spandex wearing wedgie riding a $$$$$$ road bike). I tease him about NEEDING gears as I spank him to the top of a bridge; he teases me when he pulls [fast, fast] away from the top of that same bridge. :) I tease him about NEEDING to ride on the road as I ride beside him in the grass, he teases me because I don't know how to "put my back into it". I tease him because he rides on a razor for a seat; he teases me because I ride on this "retarded back-scratcher" for a seat: http://www.blueherbs.co.uk/shop/pc/Manta-Saddle-EVOLVE-110p423.htm

    Just wait until I get this 2-speed kickback laced up!! I'll show him!!

    I like our relationship, because we know we're not gonna be able to change each other, but we're gonna keep on trying. :)

    Anyway, just wanted to show you guys what Holmes Hobbies is using for their spokes... Sapim spokes.

    Went to the Sapim website, and take a look at these.... http://www.sapim.be/index.php?st=products&sub=spokes&category=3959&id=3340&detail=aero

    They look like magic.
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