where can i get a friction motor mount kit?

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  1. morav

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    I got all excited to order a kit from bikemotorparts.com but then found out they're out of business.

    Staton wants way too much money for theirs.

    Are there any other manufacturers of these friction drive motor mount kits out there that have reasonable prices?


  2. Happy Valley

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    For the record, the last price showing for the Bmp kit was $139 but added $20 for throttle, cable and kill switch, so $159 final price. Staton friction kits are a bit more at $179, but everything included. Thought I'd mention it just so there is no confusion because the $400+/- Staton set-ups are with quality engines, something Bmp did not offer.
  3. morav

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    Staton kit


    I think I'll buy the Staton kit and then try to find an engine here locally.

    Wouldn't just about any weed whacker engine do the job? Don't they all have clutches (they all seem to stop spinning when you don't squeeze the trigger and then start spinning when you do)?

  4. Happy Valley

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    Some weedwackers use the same type, pull start, utility engines that can be used on friction drive kits. In reference to using weedwacker engines on motored bikes they need to have the exposed external clutch without a plastic shroud and it's best to think of them in two classes: 54mm clutch which is usually found on 30cc and smaller engines and 78mm clutch which is found on most utility engines larger than 30cc.....up to around 50cc.

    Staton offers both size clutch drums so just decide what size engine you want and order the appropriate unit. Personally, I prefer 4 stroke engines simply because they are quieter. Good luck and ride safe.
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    Hmm, I didn't know you could use the weedeater type motors on the dax or staton kits. I thought they used bigger motors like Pocketbike engines only. I'll have to call dax. I can see why someone might want a small engine (local laws, or noise, or just wanting only an assist engine).
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    MOST weedeater-type motors either do not have a clutch at all, or use a non-standard (i.e. non-54/78 mm) clutch.

    Some weedeaters use the standard engines. Many don't.
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    The types of motors that work are listed here: