where can i get a nice shift kit?

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    where can I get a badA@@ shift kit for my single speed beach cruiser converted to a motorized bycicle I want 1 that will bring out the speed in my bike it has a high performance carb and high performance expansion chamber exhaust on it so its pretty quick please let me know some good links or sites to find 1 on the simpler the better for me I have limited tools no welder for example and want a quick easy modification thanks

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    Shift kits are for multi geared bikes. You could get a multi geared internal hub. If you have to bump start your engine then get a Sick Bike Parts shift kit. If you have a pull start engine you could get a Staton Inc shift kit.

    Make sure to have a good braking system. Coaster brakes alone can get you killed.

    Shift kits don't make your bike faster they give you versatility. This way should you encounter a steep hill you've got gears to climb it. Going down hill you'll have overdrive gears.

    Other things which work well with shift kits are multi function bicycle computer (speedometer). Tachometer let's you know when to change gears. You can get one from Northern Tools.
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    yea ive always thought about a moped but I don't have the money for new an u know used normally comes with problems later on

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    yeah me too,If I had the money,I'd probably go with a dual sport motorcycle ,like a DRZ400 or a honda xr650 or something.My son lives in New York City,he's got a few mopeds all modded out,they're good for him and his commuting.I don't really care for them much.These little MB's are a fun inexpensive hobby,now I'm all obsessed and the weather sucks.
    Yeah look into a sickbikeparts jackshaft shifter they seem awesome.That company is great,I've got some stuff from them.
    *thinking of my 2nd build w/jackshaft full suspension MT bike.I'll have to finish my 1st. build first..naah not obsessed,ya no..
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    We are a bit biased but we suggest starting with looking at the originator, the developer, the implementer of the most popular first to market Shift Kit that is made in the USA and fully supported.
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    I have had nothing but success with my Sick Bike Parts shift kit, which is now improved with chain tensioners as optional accessories.