where can i get big sprockets?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by levsmith, Jun 10, 2008.

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    Hey i just got finished with my bike for now, but i didn't get the sprockets that i wanted. i am using a weedeater motor, so i was trying to get a 10 tooth to a 44 tooth, then another 10 to 44 to get it geared down enough. well i had to get a 12 to 43 and 14 to 43 so it really doesn't work very good. I was wondering if there is anywhere that i can get a 68 to 70 tooth sprocket, or anywhere close to that. it has to be for a regular bicycle chain, not one of the 415 chains. that would get it geared down right. thanks for any help. oh i cant have a 12 tooth going to a 55 and then 14 to another 55 cause its already welded together with the 43 tooth. thanks again.

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    You see that ad to the right for Custom Sprockets?
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    oh sorry

    ok thanks for the reply. sorry i guess that was kindof a dumb question then, but im pretty new here. i have clicked on that link, but i forgot all about it because i've just been on so many different sites. sounds good on the sprocket except for the price. thats more than i paid for the engine. i guess i should have just got a kit. probably would have been cheaper in the long run. thanks again though.
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    I think that's your OTHER right... :smile: :cool:
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    I'm dyslexic, my bad