Where can I purchase "2 Piece Fancy Muffler" (black, not chrome)?

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  1. Sketch

    Sketch Member

    I see the 2 Piece Fancy Muffler on the Grubee site but haven't found it online anywhere for retail sale. Anyone know where I can buy one?

    Also, anyone try it...how does it sound?


  2. bubbatgs

    bubbatgs Member

    I have not seen them in black. I bought a (semi chrome) one from www.bicycle-engines.com. I guess you could paint it with heat paint though.
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  3. Sketch

    Sketch Member

    I can find the chrome one at a couple different places, it's the black one I want. I emailed bicycle-engines.com to see if they can special order it.
  4. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    sick bikes has a black one... works pretty well. I think it is a little quiter than the stock muffler, or maybe it just sounds better.
  5. Sketch

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    Here's a pic of the one I'm looking for...

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  6. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    nope... sorry, not what i was thinking of. Cool exhaust though.