where can I replace this brake lever, odd set up.

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  1. artmaker

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    I'm SO sad. I used that gimpy kick stand, only for a minute, my cool bike fell over and broke the brake lever clean off.

    This is an odd configuration. I took two pictures to show it. It's an all in one clutch/brake thing.

    I did email the guy who sold me the bike but thinking I might get an answer here faster.

    If ANYONE knows where I can get a replacement lever, (Pretty sure that's all I need is the lever, looks like I can take the thing apart.)

    Please let me know?
    thanks in advance.

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  2. Mountainman

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    a large bicycle shop may be able to help you out

    not exactly the same - hopefully close

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  3. artmaker

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    Yea, I just fired off an email to a bike shop I found who was able to replace a tire for me.
    So we'll see.

    Sure looks like it's only the brake lever that got broken. As long as I get one that fits inside this housing it should work.

    So far NO one has answered me as to where to find this thing. I like it though. Nice to have brakes on both sides like it should be. If I have to I can do the dual brakes on one lever thing. I'd rather get this fixed though.
  4. artmaker

    artmaker Member

    Agh, NO one seems to have this part. And I took it apart today, the blasted break lever is riveted in place. Cannot even remove the thing. Blasted Chinese anyway!!!!!

    I don't know what to do now. I LIKE it the way it is. The clutch/shifter part of it works just fine. I may have to get one of those brake handles that does front and back on one handle.
    Darn though. I really liked having my brakes on each side.

    NO one knows who makes this part????
  5. hill climber

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    i built my own duel brake pull because i had the clutch and front brake on the same side. the duel pull brake should come on all bikes with front and rear brakes. when its adjusted properly it is wondeful.stops the bike great, no trying to proportion just right it gets it done for you. just my 2 cents
  6. artmaker

    artmaker Member

    Yea I might have to do that. I cannot find this part anywhere!

    I don't know how to "adjust them right" though. But I suppose I'll learn.

    Still trying to find out who makes the part I have. Losing hope.
  7. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Is this the one you are looking for?
    YX Special Clutch Handle with BRAKE
    I doubt if anyone carries parts for it though. You would probably have to
    buy a new one

    Gotta love that engrish :grin:
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  8. Mountainman

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    Forbisher -- man - that's service with a smile !!!

    I came back to this thread with a new idea - forget that

    could be wrong - but - that looks close to what he has.

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  9. eleseur96020

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    that is just your standard debranded shimano 3 speed shifter. People like to sell them at a premium as "clutch levers". Almost any bike shop should be able to get you one. I worked at a bike shop last summer (2007), and i used to replace those all the time, just get the standard shimano rapidfire 3speed shifter.
  10. artmaker

    artmaker Member

    OMG that's it!!!!! I sent the seller a question. Though later I see the shop is all over the place. That link is out of the UK. I THINK this would run about 33 bucks. But I sent an email and asked about that and if I could replace the part. (Doubt it.)

    I looked up standard shimano rapidfire 3speed shifter. Came up with a lot but I don't know how these would work. That one on ebay (Which is exactly what I have by the way.) has three levers. One to engage the gears, one "clutch" to disengage. Yes there are three speeds which I still don't understand. 2 doesn't seem to do much. Sort of half way engages. (Should just be on and off if you ask me.)
    And the brake lever.
    All my searches came up with have one lever for gears and one for the brake. Would those work?
    And I also found those on one site to the tune of OVER three hundred bucks. For a lousy lever? Uh, ebay here I come. (I detest ebay but some times you just can't find stuff anywhere else.)

    Actually the levers to control the motor still work fine. It's just the brake that got snapped. I really like having brakes on both sides but if I have to I could get the dual brakes off the right side thing.
    I debated getting a plain old brake lever and just attaching that seperete, BUT... no room. That thing already hogs up space, plus the mirror. Just no more room.
  11. Drunkskunk

    Drunkskunk Member

    Thats a Shimano rapidfire. they're using the front derailer shifter as a clutch leaver. there are several modles of various quality and pricing.

    The better ones have 3 levers, one to shift up, one to shift, and the brake.
    cheap end ones use plastic shifters and run $20. the best of the line are more.

    I have them on my bike, though its still a shifter for me.
  12. artmaker

    artmaker Member

    I did another search for that, found it for 30.00. (ANd a lot more!!!)

    I really like (and got used to using) the one I broke. At least I got a reply from that seller on ebay. (More often than not no one answers me.)
    it's $30.00 for the same one I have. Free shipping too. (Didn't check on the Shimano rapidfire.)

    Wish I could get it right now but hubby is off on dissability. SHOULD be back to work next week. So soon.
    AND.... I'll find a better kickstand too! Or just remove the worthless thing on there so I don't forget. Bike is just too heavy for those cheapo ones.