Where can you buy the 80cc slant head

Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by bigdan, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. bigdan

    bigdan Member

    I've seen several posts regarding the 80cc slant head. I tried to buy one from zoom bicycles but they're sold out.

    Ive tried ccmotorbikes. They don't say they're sold out until you try to add it to your shopping cart

    I've tried Gas Bike Shop. Oddly enough it seems to be almost the same website as zoom bicycles

    I've searched on this forum, for other vendors as well as searching on Google and eBay but everyone seems to be getting it from either zoom bicycles or else it came with the engine. I don't want to buy another engine I just want the cylinder head. Any information is appreciated.

  2. plycarguy

    plycarguy New Member

    I ordered one from BGF about 10 days ago and received it earlier this week.
  3. devils car club

    devils car club New Member

    Do you know the website for BGF? I was looking for a slant head as well.
    Thank's in advance.

    Devils CC
    Venice Cali
  4. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    bgf is a flea-bay seller
    search there and ye shall find !!!:cool2:
  5. bigdan

    bigdan Member

    I searched on ebay in general and also specifically BGF's store and I couldn't find just the cylinder head for sale. BGF had the whole engine with the slant head but not just the head. I'm also a little reluctant to order from him because his reviews aren't all that glowing. http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=14613 I wish sick bike parts would sell it. I've bought a bunch of stuff from them and their service is top notch. I don't want this to turn into a vendor review though so, I'll just leave it at that.

    DJEEPER Member

    in all fairness... i have a BGF kit and everything was fine.... no broken fins, no bent/exposed casting in the studs....

    i think people give him a bad rap for little things
  7. bseelbach

    bseelbach New Member

    I haven't been able to find (just) the slant head either. I called zoom and they said they should be back in stock next Thursday 9/10/09. I think it is $12 with $8.50 shipping to the states. The rep said they usually get in quantities of 300-500.

    DJEEPER Member

    300-500? well, thats good :D
  9. Dynno

    Dynno New Member

    sland head

    visit NO SPAMMING!


    DJEEPER Member

    so are you just advertising for them or something? No slant head there....
  11. Dynno

    Dynno New Member

    I thinking you can send them a email and they will respond quickly. I know they have there Chrome Knight performance engine. I have one of there bikes and they are very nice people to work with.

    DJEEPER Member

    we arent looking for an ENGINE....ONLY the slant head
  13. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    sounds a little spammy to me :(

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  15. Dynno

    Dynno New Member

    Hey a spoke with the owner of NO SPAMMING! and they have the same slant head from NO SPAMMING!. So if you don't thrust on what I am saying go to NO SPAMMING! and you can also buy it from them. NO SPAMMING! business partners and they are part of there moderator and tech support on there forum.

    thank you hope this hasn't cause a problem. NO SPAMMING!

    Ride Safe

  16. bigdan

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    HA HA HA. I just saw what one of the moderators did to dyno's post:

    Seriously, That's awesome. Who ever did that, two thumbs up.

    It's Sept. 9th. I can't wait til tomorrow to see if the new heads are in at zoom bicycles. I will definitely buy one if they are. Oooooh, it's like Christmas eve and I have to wait till tomorrow to open my presents. Well, except I don't get to open the present tomorrow, only order it. But, you know what I mean.

    DJEEPER Member

    I too am anxiously waiting!

    Though today i took my pull start off to have a pile of shaving fall to my feet. apparently the screw holding the pull start together backed out. It is currently soaking in a locktite bath.
  18. bseelbach

    bseelbach New Member

    Looks like a let down. Zoom said they should be available today. I called 3 times and left a voice mail but no response....the wait continues.
  19. EnFlaMEd

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    DJEEPER Member

    WHEW thats some expensive parts..

    $30 for the head?! plus shipping i suppose