where can you get a four stroke chain drive engine



i have my two stroke on a scwhin and it works just fine was wondering if anyone knows of where i can find a good four stroke one
i figure it will be cheaper than a moped and beats paying insurance on a car i wont be able to get it though till after prom girlfreinds are expensive
Golden Eagle bicycle engines is a good kit that offers a 4cycle engine. There are others also but I know very little about them.

Bill Snow
Golden Eagle is belt-drive though, not chain drive.
And also is rather expensive, $550-$600 compared to the $150-$200 Chinese setups.

I did get a GEBE though, and a 4-cycle as well. I didn't want to have to mess with mixing fuel/oil when refueling at gas stations.
he has a few chain ones it looks like but there :? it doesnt tell if their 4 stroke or two stroke
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