Where conspiracy theories meet truth...

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    Yea, there are a couple things in there that I know are bull.... but the video as a whole is still quite revealing, and if nothing less, quite entertaining.
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    WOW, even if 50% of it is true, thats very shocking and makes alot of things clear about whats going on today.
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    "Conspiracy Theorist" has been given a bad image in order to make most of the sheeple believe that all conspiracy theories (even the well documented ones) are bunk. A lot of conspiracy theories are really elitist distractions concocted in order to illegitimize the rest of the plausible theories out there. Smoke and mirrors. The mere fact that we have known and documented government programs like MKULTRA should lead anybody to conclude that many more disgusting and inhuman crimes are committed by our ruling elite that will never be known possibly even to their victims.
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    The video is just too crazy for me.

    How all religions adopted paganism rituals/beliefs.
    How George W Bush is related to Queen Elizabeth, and nearly all of the English monarchs.
    How all Presidents have some bloodline to an English monarch.
    How so many Presidents were descendants of people in Ulysses S Grant's cabinet.
    How so many organizations that we think belong to the gov't are actually completely independent.
    That the goal of the elitists is to keep the common folk in debt.
    That nothing that our gov't does is an accident... there is a method to their madness.
    That they're seriously trying to reduce the population, by 70% to 93%.
    That our water has fluoride in it, but they don't put vitamins or something that could actually be useful to our bodies.
    How Donald Rumsfield pushed out aspertame in thousands of products, and it's so harmful to us.
    How the gov't uses terms like patriotism and faith to get people to blindly submit to their orders... yet the leaders themselves don't seem to care about any of their religion's commandments.
    How the gov't decided to stop using war as a means to control population... and started using ecological reasons (i.e. - global warming).
    How our country is in debt by $10 trillion, or $33,000 per person.
    The Super Highway and Amero purpose to turn North America into a gov't similar to the EU.
    If you don't understand your gov't, you can't fight them.
    How freedom is what connects us all and what really makes us not just American, but human! And most people would rather build walls around them because it's easier for them to remain a scared slave.
    How a true rebellion/revolution teaches others to quit following the original leader, and lead themselves.
    The suppression of feminism, where our gov't turns us into strictly left-brain thinking.
    "The only weapon they have against us is keeping the knowledge of our true nature from us."
    That truth is that there is a common spiritual bond between all things in the universe, and we are all part of one divine intelligence.
    We literally share a pulse with all of existence; there is clearly a harmony within our universe.
    The truth is within us, and we must internally embrace all our emotions, but must only outwardly spread love.
    Only after you truly learn to conquer your emotions will you truly be free.

    ... and much, much, more. That video is deep.
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    Well made? I'll say yes. I enjoy good fiction.

    In 10 minutes I watched there were contradictions and numerous things out of historical order.


    Just watched another 20 minutes....to tell the truth, I'm thinking of giving up "The Office" for this. When does the new season start?
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    So really the main theme is you're generally OK with your beliefs if: a) they aren't the same as the masses and b) they are in sync with the author's beliefs

    Got it. There are some cool nuggets in there, but when I grab them and check them out - they turn to dust in my mind. Must be as planned. Carry on.
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    I loved this line "...and the war ended on May 1, 2003..."
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    most people don't want to believe truth, it goes against too many of their learned beliefs. things that they have done in the past that would have been for nothing, if these things were true. i worked for the gov. for a time. there are a lot of things the general public are not aware of, our leaders have made sure of that. just look to the past, many of the 50 & 100 year old secrets are just coming out. i am not so naive that i think the same is not happening now. the only way to change it would be for all the people to come together, & make a stand. that would be hard to do when our gov.(which is split right down the middle) is the master of divide & conquer .
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    It could be done... but we must fight with tools.
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    One guy here at work is a Mason....I've been following him around for days. Not getting much done, but sooner or later I'm bound to find out the real story....about everything.
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    "the goal of the elitists is to keep the common folk in debt."

    I can see how you can come up with this as the core of their purpose. They want power over you, and not just you, but everyone. The elitists are trying to make the New World Order.

    Sometimes, I personally feel that something like a NWO isn't such a bad idea... but then, I think of something like the UN as much better, not having their own weapons. But if we act as their military, "Team America: World Police"... it's almost at the point of NWO anyway.
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    hah... just remembered about this song, Flobots - We Are Winning... and I thought I'd post the lyrics. I love how the comment on YouTube says "STOP THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!"

    The Flobots are so friggin' awesome. Go buy their CD now.

    Rival gangsters sit down to plan an after-school program
    A religious fanatic posts footage of an interfaith service project
    A group of teenage boys watches a video of a father playing catch with his son
    An adult film star paints thumbnail portraits of elderly couples, fully clothed and smiling
    A record executive records a demo of his apology
    A policeman makes reverse 911 calls instructing residents to take to the streets
    A patriot reports for duty
    She's wearing an orange jumpsuit and holding a picket sign
    She's ashamed of her birthplace
    But retreat is not an option
    Women and children
    Tune in
    Stand and be counted
    In the belly of the vulture
    Watch your back
    Theres no civilians
    Women children
    Consider this a distant early warning
    The fires imminent
    Pollution gathering dust particles
    Funneling through smokestacks
    Disinformation tube fed
    Check the label
    Delete the virus
    Alert the masses
    Butterfly wing crosswinds send black hawks toward hurricane survivors
    Roses sprout from empty lots and sidewalk cracks
    Pacifist guerrillas move undetected through concrete jungles
    New forms are beginning to take shape
    Once-occupied minds are activating
    People are waking up
    The insurgency is alive and well
    Rise of the flobots
    Portrait of the new american insurgent
    Rattle and shake the foundation of the world order
    Assembly line consent
    Direct loved ones to the trenches
    Suit up
    Forge rubble into fortresses
    Broken porcelain
    Rusted platinum
    Burn bloodstains from decompressed diamonds
    Hammer the battlecry into braille-studded armor
    We are building up a new world
    Do not sit idly by
    Do not remain neutral
    Do not rely on this broadcast alone
    We are only as strong as our signal
    There is a war going on for your mind
    If you are thinking you are winning
    Resistance is victory
    Defeat is impossible
    Your weapons are already in hand
    Reach within you and find the means by which to gain your freedom
    Fight with tools
    Your fate and that of everyone you know depends on it
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    Personally, I've always though Dennis DeYoung was up to no good. Mr. Roboto holds all the keys is we are willing to forget all we have been taught and believe the truth.
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    This thing gets better and better.

    Capitol letters....Bwa ha ha ha!!!

    Funny how all those rights "guaranteed" in the Constitution and voluntarily waived by use of capitol letters...were written by the same guys all of which were part of the conspiracy. Ludicrous.

    People want to blame someone else for all their troubles whether it be a different race, jews, bankers, Masons, religions- if your life sucks, well- welcome to the world. Life is a struggle. It's supposed to be. No one is keeping you down- well, maybe one guy, the guy in the mirror.
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    Fun to watch

    Just saw the whole thing and I must say it was entertaining. I just wish these conspiracy people who put all that energy into something a little more constructive. He says all we need is love to make the world a better place but wants us to believe "They" are controlling every thing that happens. They never tell us who "They" are but only that they meet in secret. To believe that they have been manipulating us for all this time with out any one coming forward with prof is just more than I can take. I think this is just to much X-files for real life.
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    That's prolly the sketchiest part. If a subpoena comes with my name in all caps can I really say, "hey, that's not me, Jack... that's a corporation!"?? Or more likely, would no subpoena ever come in all caps?

    And becoming an artificial person when you're hired by a business... what's up with that?

    And can a business really choose not to pay income tax? The vid says that the business will lose out on a lot of benefits, but I didn't know that a business could opt out of paying income tax. That's gotta be BS.

    I think that's the guy's message. He's just trying to shed some light onto some of the goals of the people in charge... and at the end it tries to become more inspirational so that you do what you know to be good.
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    I'd say the vast majority of the stuff in the video is true. It's the way he goes about presenting the information that's pretty deceptive. You do get the impression that "They" are one group of people, but they're not... and if they were, it'd just be the rich people who want power. He mentions several groups... the masons merging with the illuminati, the skull & bones, the history of the Federal Reserve reserve with the intent to distribute money to whoever it sees fit, money that isn't even backed by gold, just a promise that it's worth something (other than the cotton it's made of). Some elite few do try to lie, cheat, and steal to gain power. I think everybody knows this.

    It might not be as concerted of an effort as this guy makes it out to seem, but I do know that Bush is one of the elites trying to gain more power. Seems like being leader of the free world would be good enough reason to do good, and love his job... but I'm sure he hates it.
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    I have recently come to believe a 3 class structure (low, middle, upper income class) cannot survive in our political economic system. The ultimate goal of capitalism is two clases: the haves and the have nots. I do not feel the middle class can survive in the USA.

    I'm all for capitalism in theory, i'm not a socialist, and I don't have any clue how we can save the middle class. The working poor is growing in numbers each day. Jobs for those who don't have the talent (or desire for that matter) to pursue a college degree in a meaning field (sorry, but an asian studies degree won't get most people a job that pays well) have few options other than to work low paying service industry jobs that barely pay enough to pay for gas to/from work/home.

    A lot of the middle class problems are due to the short sighted view that US business take. Look how many hourly workers have lost their jobs because US automakers have hedged all of their bets on SUVs and trucks and still can't make a product that breaks down every 2-3 months during ownership while Toyota is kickign everyone's $%^& because they build reliable vehicles and have the flexibility to shift their production to more energy efficient vehicles.

    God help us.
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