Where do I find a HS 4 stroke 4g tbelt as of 6/22/2011

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    I have been looking for weeks for a HS or Honda 4g T-belt drive every site I look up there always out of stock this is going to be my only way of transportation i love the being free on my bike with at engine on it I would be 1000 X happier
    the reason why I was driving my Nissan 240sx one night and I was hungry at like 1:00 in the morning so i went to the local gas station and got a couple of frozen
    burritos and I was pulling out of the parking lot and the dumb-*** cop was hiding
    at the local sub-way and i was going the dam speed limit and he pulled me over for 35 in a 25 and the dam speed limit was 35 its freaking stupid im going to fight it in court and punk his dumb *** so im over driveing my car and Im going to pass him with my motorized bike and laugh at him haha and if he trys to pull me over im going to flash code V C Section 406 Motorized Bicycle to his *** lol and he will be punked on the spot. Thank You for reading my story :rambo:

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    welcome to the forum..
    There are many here with stories much like yours.
    I hope you find lots of good help and meet lots of new friends..
    I'm not sure about the belt....check (search) 4 stroke or gen then post your question.
    wish you luck ...