where do I get parts

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by IbanezKing, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. IbanezKing

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    what's the fastest out there?

  2. PatrickW

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    What parts do you need?
  3. IbanezKing

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    I'm looking for a faster engine kit are there any kits that go 60mph? i want one that's hevy duty mine keeps fallen apart
  4. RedBaronX

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    Bicycles aren't designed to tolerate sustaining 60 mph. No BICYCLE kit motor produces enough stock power to go 60 mph.

    If you want to go that fast, you are better off looking for a scooter/motorcycle that is designed to go 60 mph.
  5. Al.Fisherman

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    And thhhat's the truth.
  6. IbedaYank

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    and some wonder why they are making more laws for motorized bicycles

    buy a motorcycle before you wind up being an organdonor
  7. MotorBicycleRacing

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    There are no kits that will go 60 mph but here is a bicycle
    that will go faster than 60 mph. Probably will be geared to hit
    a bit less than 50 mph for the Oct 22nd race in SoCal.

    Going to be a few bicycles that could easily go 60 mph at the race
    but most of the race bikes will have top speeds in the 40's or less.

    Just the parts to build scotto-'s race bike will cost you about $1300
    and that does not include any labor as scotto- did all the work himself.

    You can read about the upcoming race by clicking the purple link in my


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  8. IbanezKing

    IbanezKing New Member

    you said there are no kits that go 60 but you say this bike does,please explain :)
  9. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    It ain't a kit that you can order from a company.

    The race bike was custom built using a Felt frame with upgraded
    wheels, disc brakes, suspension fork and sprocket adapter.
    2.5" Maxxis hook worm tires.

    A 6.5 hp Harbor Freight Motor that has been modified to make
    about 11 hp and a CVT transmission along with a custom jack shaft.

    Bike should be able to go over 70 mph with the right tires.

    We are going to be measuring speeds with a couple of radar guns at
    the Grange race and will be doing some drags races down the long
    front straight.

    Affordable Go Karts race bike with the same motor made about 20 hp
    at the last SoCal race on June 18th.
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  10. IbanezKing

    IbanezKing New Member

    would u sell one?

    would you sell it?
  11. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    You would have to ask scotto- if he wants to sell it after he races it on
    Oct 22nd at Grange race track.

    I would think that he would want at least $2500 or more for it as he
    has lots of time invested in building it. Add another $200 for shipping.

    Would you pay $2700?
  12. IbanezKing

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    if there was a way to do payments
  13. IbanezKing

    IbanezKing New Member

    whats the gas mileage

    how much gas can the tank hold,what's the oil ratio? does it have any problems? is it an anti vibration frame does it vibrate a lot?
  14. Big Red

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    Hey Ibanez, You didn't say if you wanted it for the street or track. I HOPE you want to build a 60mph bike only for the track. If you were going to ride it on the street I hope you never get the parts you need. We have enough problems with the cops without some 20 year old youngster ripping down the street at 60mph. It's people doing things like that, that get laws passed in the first place. If everyone always did the right thing then there would be no reason for any laws whatsoever. Then along comes someone that wants to push it over the common sense limit and people get hurt and die. VIOLA, MORE LAWS. Most of my builds will do 40mph, I hardly ever push it to that. 30 or 35mph is fast enough for a bicycle. They simply were not made to even run that fast.
    If you want a track bike only, I apoligize for my tirade. BUT, If you want a street bike, I hope it blows up the first time you try to start it. Ibedayank got it right. If you want to do 60mph, get a scooter. Or better yet, Call me and we'll put one together for you that wont fall apart.
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