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    Hi my name is Rick and I live in Helena Mt. I just bought a motor {2cycle} 58cc from the vender in Bozeman Mt. and a jackshaft kit from sick bike.com. I started to put it on my new trek mountain bike but stopped when I could see too many problems ahead.(the frame is funny on this bike) I am now looking at a couple other bikes and will buy one this week. I read in the forums about taking this engine apart and replacing many of the bolts and nuts and putting tread locker on all. Got the hardened nuts, bolts and tread locker but I think I will need a set of pulley pullers and a new torque wrench first. Oh I didn't get the cheap engine, but went a step up and got a chromed out one. I'm hoping it is of a little higher quality. I almost went with a Staton kit but got this shiftable setup for about half the price. I may yet get a Jap 2 stroke at some point and make my own mounts to get it down in the frame and hooked to this jackshaft.We'll see.

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    Hi Zeerice -

    Welcome to the elitist group of motorized bicycle builders. Some build in a hurry; some take their time (like me). Building is an education as well as fun. Move at your comfortable pace; you will figure out a solution to each challenge. (Sometimes it takes me a week to come up with a working solution that is unique to my bike.) We all like pictures. Post a lot if you can. Ask for help when you want. SOMEBODY has seen your problem before and can recommend a fix.

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    Welcome... Been that way a few years ago. Loved the whole area. We were RVing Yellowstone, Helena, Bozeman among the many stops, the whole thing in 28 days. To think we might of passed one another and didn't know it.

    I have a list that I do for the engine before I ride..get into the 2 cycle forum and I'll post, this is not the place.
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    Go Griz

    Welcome. I got family in billings,havre. Ever been to the snow creek bar in Redlodge.

    Back to bikes, New hardware a good call. some factory stuff is cheap. Check out all the pics here to help you with your mounting issues. I had clearance issues in V-frame. now i got an extendo carb. Good luck on build.