Where is the power?

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    ok so I got my engine put on my bike a few weeks ago, its been a bit of a battle because my frame was a little small. Everything fit except for the carb, which I relocated behind the seat. I know it will gain some power as it gets broke in but right now it has very little. My bro built one first and his seemed to have way more power through the break in stage.
    Could having my carb too far from the engine be the problem? or I also had to put the tensioner pushing the chain down from the top instead of pushing up from the bottom. This was because the chain hit the frame and there was no other way to clear it. Could that slow it down any?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    carb tube

    Acutely there are kits out there that lengthen the carb manifold to increase power. If you have a 49-cc engine thats pretty rough here not going to see the best performance until you've run a couple of gallons of gas through it.

    I replaced the chain that came with the bike stock with a KMC BMX chain and its did seem to make a difference. Maybe it's just psychological.

    There's a wide discrepancy in the quality of these engines even if they're made by the same manufacturer that there will be big differences in power output from one engine to another one even built the same day.

    Something else you might check would be if your choke lever is on.there is a small lever on the side of the carburetor. When the lever is up there is a fraction of the possible air getting to the motor. On my motor the choke lever on the carburetor rattled loose. This cut my power dramatically. Took me a little while but I did fix the problem.

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    No its a 66cc from bikeberry i ordered a black motor but it got stopped by customs so they sent me a silver motor from their US Warehouse i have been worrying they could have sent me a 48cc by accident. How could I tell if that was the case?

    the choke seems fine but I'm gonna check to see if it is loose.

    I want to get the better spark plug and wire also but I cant figure out how to remove the old wire I've seen people on here talking about changing it but never much detail about how to do it. I'm a noob so I'm trying to figure all this out.
    Thanks for your help
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    spark plug wire

    What I did was to take a pair of pliers and grab the wire about a 1/4 inch from the CDI and give it a good turn left. I replaced the stock P.O.S. wire that came with the kit with a shielded cable from the local auto parts store (less than ten bucks) I brought the cable I took off so I could get the correct length. I then cut the end off that goes to the distributor and screwed the new cable in. Seems to work grate now.

    Something you might also check is the connections between the CDI and the engine. What I had to do was to first cut, strip and then solder the connections together. This was really helpful for me. Every little bit helps.

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  5. If you measure your head bolts center to center front to back the measurement should be 1.5 inches for the 49cc and 1.75 inches for the 66-80cc.