Where IS this magical 41 chain?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by willfargo, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. willfargo

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    Ok so i had read that you can go to your local Lowes and pickup 10 feet of the 41 chain for around 14 bucks. I just spent 45 minutes in lowes searching for it. It wasnt in hardware (they had connecting and offset links, but thats it). It wasnt in the seasonal area, where i was sent by the hardware guy. i have seen multiple posts on here about it being at lowes so someone MUST know exactly where this stuff is. where on earth can i find it locally?! Ace hardware has it online, i have yet to see if they carry it in the store.

  2. willfargo

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    well, from what i've found it looks like i'd end up having to order it from amazon or ebay. The other thing im looking at is if my chain tool is going to work.


    Thats why i have and have been using for my 415, its pretty tight squeeze. will it not fit the 41?
  3. ddesens

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    if youhave a grainger supply around they carry it.
  4. KilroyCD

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    I think it's also available at Ace Hardware and/or Tractor Supply stores.
  5. magic

    also available ay family farm fleet . saw it last weekend.
  6. willfargo

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    not sure what a family farm fleet is, cant find it on google. what is it?
  7. richirich1113

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    i just "bing " 41 chain , came up with more results to find it than you would ever need.
    also on ebay
  8. willfargo

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    TRUST me. i buy everything off of ebay and the internet. getting packages in the mail is like christmas everday for me. However... when it comes to something i would like to know the feel of, and quality of, i'd like to be able to take a peak and feel at before buying it. unfortunately it looks as though i may have to order online. seems absurd.
    No luck at lowes
    no luck at ace
    sears would have to order
    no harborfreight
    the nearest tractor supply store is in Nebraska, im in Broomfield Colorado. which is ironic. My towns name is BROOMfield. started as a farm town growing... YOU GUESSED IT. broom grass. now i cant find an old school engine shop to save my life
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    So let me jump in here. I bought a previously assembled motor bike. It has the 48cc Skyhawk engine. It has the stock chain which I fear will stretch out. Is the 41 chain the "hot ticket" or is there an even better deal. I found another one (forget which) that was about $60. I don't abuse my ride sooooo is the 41 good enough or should I go for the $60 deal?
  10. willfargo

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    60 is expensive for any chain. thats what you would end up paying for a "gold" quality 415 chain at a motorcycle shop. if you cant find a deal locally, use the internet. as someone said "41 chain is all over the internet", which applies to anything really. you could get your groceries online.... but i digress. dont spend 60 dollars on a chain.
  11. Lazieboy

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    Cheap china

    I just replaced a head gasket that just blew out. One of the head bolts snaped so i was gonna replace it with one from 2009 grubee motor left over parts and the old (09) bolts were much fatter better quality than new 2011 motor. That sux cause now cant swap head either if needed. Gotta skimp on material to save $ money, but this is happening all around us with all products.
  12. Lazieboy

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    I got 415 chain its good no prob's origional chain w/ kit busted. got 415 from kingsmotoredbikes.com