Where order the engine? MORINIMOTORI FM128

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Haddock, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Haddock

    Haddock Guest

    Hi, Now I have found the engine I need!

    Best regards/ Nicklas

  2. Are you sure thats the correct spelling, I know of an Italian make of motor under the name of Morini Motori, or Franco Morini. The Morini s6 is used on ktm 50, lem and cobra 50 mini motorbikes is it not? The full specs are here http://www.morinimotori.com/eng/motori01.asp
  3. Haddock

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  4. Haddock

    Haddock Guest

    updated the topic so someone can se it.

    best regards/ Nicklas
  5. Haddock

    Haddock Guest

    Sad but true, they dont make this engine anymore:(

    To anyone know if I can fint a engine model with the same function?

    best regards/ nicklas
  6. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    Try there for an older 28cc motor. Also the Sachs Saxonette has a very similar motor., that is availalble in Europe.May have to buy the whole motorized bike, just to get the motor & rear wheel.
  7. Haddock

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    They did not seme to know where to get the ither:(

    And on the saxonette is the whole rim in aluminium wich I cant have.

    Anyone knowing some other engine like thisone?

    best regards/
  8. JHarkins

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    Where to Order Engine? MoriniMotori FM128

    Herdan in Pennsylvania sells Morini Franco Motori FM128's. My wife just purchased one for my birthday this June. If you do a search for 'Franco Morini Kickbut Engines" you will find the site. I never was able to get through by email. But if you call, you will find they are very helpful and prompt. It only took four days to recieve my engine. It does not come with anything more than the engine, exhaust and hub. You will need 12g/.105" spokes, a fuel tank (I'm using a Tecumseh small engine tank for now), throttle w/kill switch, the works. But it is a very fine little engine. The folks at Herdan sent photos of one of their bikes along with the instructions and are very willing to talk. Enjoy!
  9. Esteban

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  10. JHarkins

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    The Sachs engines were made for them by Morini Motori. The engines are now produced with Taiwanese & Japanese parts w/German bearings. The current version of the Sachs is available from 'rotorybike.com' out of Australia. But do to licensing restrictions in several countries now only has 200 watts of power (1/4hp). Sachs no longer produces these bike themselves. Parts for the older bikes can be had from 'moped.com.au' but are very expensive.
  11. zumer

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    The Taiwanese "pro-rotary" engines are clones of the Sachs, they differ in a few ways: The Sachs has a decompressor valve linked to the exhaust - if there's exhaust back pressure, the valve opens and drops the compression ratio. The Sachs has head and barrel in one, on the pro-rotary they're separate. Sachs sold off the division that handled the Saxonette/Spartamet to a German bike maker called Hudson. There's another Taiwanese company called McLee who sell bikes already built with a similar motor, web site is www.twforsen.com don't know if it's that exact one or another copy. They use the frame downtube as the fuel tank, and managed to patent that! Reasonable pricing, they offer their bike for $450 US, although there's no shipping in that figure.
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  12. Edward

    Edward Guest

    Try 1977 Mopeds under the motorized bicycle heading. Aprox. $500.
  13. Sianelle

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  14. ulmo

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    I think, Morini FM128 is underpowered for bicycle and also, I don't think it's good idea to put all engines weight on rear wheel (It's about 6kg).
    I'd like to put Morini S6-E on bike, but don't know where they are sold and how much would it cost.
  15. azbill

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  16. fetor56

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    Looks very good and it's a great price...dunno much about the bike though.
    Please post your thoughts after u have ridden it around for a few 100Km.
  17. Sianelle

    Sianelle Guest

    I will do that :grin:
  18. zumer

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    Sianelle, I like that bike too! I've got a Sachs, it's rated at 200W. In that ad for the Morini, it states that it's rated at 1 hp, about 750W. I've seen the Morini advertised here in Oz on ebay for about AUD 500, but that was just the engine! That price is great (plus the exchange rate works my way, too). I'll enquire what the shipping cost will be to get it here from NZ, it'd even be worthwhile for me to get them to pull the wheel, engine, rack and tank from the bike and ship that. There's a review here, http://www.bicycleengine.com/ that doesn't give the Morini a very good rap, but I think a few bugs can be worked out without too much trouble.
    Keep us posted, hmm?
  19. Sianelle

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    Thanks for that link Zumer :grin:

    I notice that that the reviewer was using his Morini for off-road MTB type riding though. I just want mine for riding on the road and like you I realised that the whole bike was being sold for around the cost of the engine alone. If the MTB cycleparts aren't up to much I fully intend to fit the engine to one of my 1950s English bicycles and then I'll sell off the MTB to recoup some of my costs.
    John Mann at Motrax is very approachable and is a nice guy to deal with btw.
  20. mopedjay

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    i seen that it said 450 in NZ whats that in US dollars