Carby Where the %&! can I buy a new C clip for the carb needle?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by rjriggs, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. rjriggs

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    I lost my c clip while trying to adjust it, and I literally can't find any place that sells the c clip itself. sells the carb needle and clip together but charges $9 shipping for a $4 part, and that's outrageous. I sell on Ebay, and I know it can't cost more than $2.50 to ship something that size in a small padded envelope. Even flat-rate priority boxes only run around $5. Anyone know where I can get one of these, by itself or with the needle, at a reasonable cost?

  2. rjriggs

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  3. johnsteve

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    I think I seen some at menards in the hardware section. Bring in the old one to compare
  4. crassius

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    if you see a hardware or auto parts store that sells a circlip assortment kit, it'll probably have one to fit - if not, one can wrap & twist some safety wire in the proper groove with just a 1/16in tail as a temp fix
  5. butre

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    I usually drop the part in the grass and then look for it frantically for about 10 minutes before giving up and just soldering the needle in place
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  6. Purple Haze

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    I agree, any decent hardware store should have c-clips. What I'd like to see is an assortment of needles with different tapers to really fine-tune the low end. I had to apply solder to the needle to lean out the low end, but as a machinist it drives me crazy doing that.
  7. crassius

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    there are many NT clones out there & the speed carbs too - most have different needle profiles

    that is different from each other as needle is usually constant within a line

    greatest difference is between those with cylindrical needle jets and hex shaped needle jets - the needles for these are different to the most casual inspection
  8. HeadSmess

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    look into mikuni then... several hundred tapers to select from...

    yep...who said solder the freakin thing? lil bit of copper wire wound into selected groove, solder it in there...

    pop that li bit from a can ring pull where the rivet goes and use that...

    find a washer and mutilate it with sidecutters.

    go to a hobby shop and pay 17.50 for 5...
  9. butre

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    soldering is more for when I lose the c shaped washer than the clip
  10. HeadSmess

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    or cut a lil piece from a coke bottle or similar stiff plastic...

    steal a sequin from your brothers "secret" wardrobe...

    um... there must be other ways! o darling e clip, how dost thou replacest you? let me count the ways...

    uh oh. quoting shakespeare. thats taking it too far!
  11. butre

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    plastic in a carb makes me nervous. the float is one thing, that's meant to be around gas. a sequin probably isn't, and I know from experience that hdpe like off a milk bottle is no good. I could most likely make one out of a slug from an annular cutter but soldering is quick and it works

    I sure don't want to go through anyone's secret wardrobe