where to buy a complete motorized bike?

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  1. Smedley

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    Hi folks, Tom B. from Pennsylvania here. First off, thanks for having this forum available to noobs like me. Forums are an ideal place to get the straight scoop by the guys, and gals who know about these bikes. I've recently seen some motorized bikes cruising around town, and I'll admit I've caught the bug. My concern right now is I don't feel confident enough to assemble my own from a parts kit, and I'm thinking I'd like to get a complete motorized bike from a reputable dealer. I was looking at the Happy Times "Meanie for $465.00 and I'm thinking something like that would be perfect for me. Problem is their site says "they're not currently taking orders." I've tried the "search" feature but I couldn't find complete motorized bikes for sale. I don't mind spending the money, but I'd like to get something good that'll work well. I'm thinking a 49cc 4 stroke might fit the bill for me (state laws being factored in). Is it Ok for me to ask for some suggestions on where to buy a complete motorized bike? Can anybody help or suggest?
    Sorry for the long winded intro. Thanks, Smedley

  2. Skyliner70cc

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    Ill build you one if you like, and it wont be slapped on with stock mounting bolts....
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    Some of our advertisers provide some bike+motor kits that you assemble. You know the motor will fit the frame so do it yourself installation is easier. SpookyTooth offered those bike+motor kits in the past.
  4. Oddzball

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    And there are a lot of new vendors out there like pirate cycles and such. Also check craiglist, thats how i found my parts.
  5. Smedley

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    Skyliner, I'm interested. Could you maybe PM me specifics, recommendations, suggestions?
    I think I really need to spend a couple of weeks just reading posts on here.
    I'm so glad I found this forum, thanks all!

  6. Esteban

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    There are a few places around here who sell motorized bikes ready to ride. I would be very cautious of the seller, the products, & service AFTER the sale. If all is OK, the asking price they have of + - $400 is OK. If you are not mechanically inclined & don't have tools, they are not for you.
    I suggest a rear friction drive for durability,, simplicity, & the better motors you can get on one.
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    You can't build your own?

    With all the vibration on on of these you'll be pulling out wrenches anyway, Why not take pride in building your own or call A friend over and get some help., You can save some money too. kits are avai. starting at 155 after shipping ,black chrome or silver
    on ebay this guy is cheep:
    and his homepage:

    These are the kits most other people are reselling.

    I have 2 kits and another rear wheel brake kit from him and I am happy, But he does sell some real cheep junk too.
  8. occchopperfl

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    There is a post selling 3 complete MB's from another forum member:


    IMHO a the Worksman is a STEAL! (drum brake, 4 stroke ez motorbike kit, etc.)

    If I lived locally to the bike, it would be mine.

    Figure out a way to get it, and I think you'll thank me later! lol!

    Good luck!

  9. Smedley

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    I hadn't considered this option. Is there like a "top tier" list of rear friction drive manufacturers/dealers? .. I've looked at some, but it's like everybody is "sold out" of everything. Anyway, thanks for all the suggestions all, I'm spending as much time as possible on here just reading. Oh, I called up my local bike shop just to inquire about motorized bikes, all he said was "no" and hung up, lol

  10. Esteban

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    You will get that response from other bike shops as well. They are interested in bikes, only,, not motorized bikes & seem to consider us " molesters ."
    I have never been one to recommend any shop, for anything over another,, unless I had a lot of personal experience with that business. I have had friction drive bikes that were from old outdated manufacturers , or homemade. Really, very little problems with any of them. If you look on youtube you can see a video of someone mounting a rear friction drive & you will see how easy & simple it is. PLUS, if you ever have a flat on the rear tire , you will be " kissing " the rig, compared to the in-frame Chinese kits !
    Do a search online & you will find a dealer of well made kits with Robin/Subaru engines [ my favorite ] . Cost will be about $400. Put it on a decent bike, not a $60 WallyWobbler bike .