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    I've been looking for a dealer that sells electric bicycles in the Phoenix area, but it's been a lot more of a challenge than one would initially think. With most things, googling takes you pretty quickly to what you're looking for. Unfortunately, I'm finding it isn't taking me to actual physical stores as much as it is online stores, which I'm trying to avoid.

    Spooky Tooth Cycles appears to come the closest to what I'm looking for, but it is a pretty long drive. Are there any places in the Phoenix metro area or is Tucson simply more enlightened on this sort of thing? Isn't there a comparable place nearer to Chandler?

    I'm not a handy sort of person as far as this sort of mechanics is concerned, so building one myself isn't really an option. Having a dealer locally should allow me to find whatever accessories and maintenance I would need, not to mention warranties, etc. Also, I sort of need one really quite soon as it will be my primary form of transportation.

    I'm a complete n00b as far as this goes, so if anyone can direct me, I'd be very appreciative.

    If I just sound like a dumb old lady, well, that's because I AM as far as this goes...lol Please forgive my naivete.

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    Spooky Tooth regularly brings bikes to Tucson (they're in Bisbee, down by the border). Get in touch with them and see what they suggest to get a bike to you. They're good folks and will treat you right.
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    I found a place to buy wholesale e-bike in phoenix, AZ

    There is a e-bike shop in downtown Phoenix. You can call them up from 9-5 p.m. 602-252-4881. They can give you there website over the phone. It has a lot of bells and whistles. The speed is 20 mph, distance goes as far as 15 miles to 70 miles distance. It depends on which model you are looking for. I think it is the cheapest in town. The price starts at $455 and up. It cost 10 cents a day to charge it up. They have two mechanics on site. They do sell thornless resistance tubes for only $10. What is so nice about these electric bikes they don't need any license, insurance, or registration.
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    Watch out on craigs one of those site tells you $215 but ther cheapest battery is like $400. There have been some complete bikes you just need to keep checking.

    Someone told me about the downtown shop and that it was like in a chinese food market. Sounded strange but I heard that the bike they got was okay.

    If you go with someone online I bet you can find someone in the valley willing to help you put it together. Phoenix is enlightened. I originally was going to go electric, but it just cost too much to go very far on an electric bike. I still think about electric bikes.
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    The electric bike shop in Phoenix is called Phoenix Produce and is located at 522 South Central Avenue. They sell the Aowa brand.
    The good news is the bikes come complete with all the lights, horns, locks, excellent kick stand, and even a basket. They are very easy to get on and off and about the lowest priced hub cycles available.
    The bad news is the bikes do not have a real transmission for the pedals. The pedals are meant to get the bike started but with only one pedal speed you can't help the motor on hills which unfortunately I need. Otherwise I would buy one of these bikes.
    The "3 speeds" on the Aowa bikes only changes current going to the motor and has little effect on hill climbing.

    Phoenix Produce also sells imported food.

    The Cafe & Bike Shop located at Glendale and 16th Street (SE corner) can order electric bikes, 26" wheels, hub motor about $1400. They also sell coffee and pastries.

    Several members of the Electric Auto Association in Phoenix have used kits to make their own electric bikes, I believe all are hub motor types.

    I believe we have to go to Tucson and Bisbee for full electric bike shops.
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    There's another shop in Downtown Phoenix, they also have a shop in Mesa. HyBikes. They've got a few different models. The "chinese scooter" style that is very different from the Phoenix Produce bikes but have the same styling. I guess you could call them a "commuter" or whatever. They're essentially electric mopeds. They get good range and are pretty durable. You'll pay between 1 and 2 grand for one of them depending on the model. They also have a cute little folding bike that is like more of a beach cruiser style I guess. There's a trike and a few different mountain bike styles. I picked up their "Polarity" model. Now that the batteries are conditioned I'm getting between 20 and 25 miles per charge at 20mph. I don't think I'd want much faster speeds though as it does get a bit scary and I have to remind myself that these are bikes, not motor cycles.

    I think if I had to do it again though I'd have bought the longer range model. I find myself making excuses to ride the long route home or go run errands and stuff just to cruise around. It's definitely a commuter and not a bike that you have to pedal.
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    Phoenix produce sells junk

    They are a ripoff! I payed $800 for a bike that started falling apart on the way home. I had to go around it and tighten bolts and screws. It came with defective batteries. THEY WOULD NOT REPLACE THEM. (another $245) The battery charger sold with them is supose to shut itself off, they dont, thus over charging and destroying the batteries. (they (phoenix produce) will tell you to turn it off after 6 hours) The metal they are made out of is of inferior quality, avoid bumps in the road.

    LATEST UPDATE! brake light stoped working,flashing light on rear stoped working,right turn signal stoped working,rear sprocket is grinding during coasting,battery box is splitting apart AND 1 of 4 battery led is falling out.. All this in the 1st year...OH yes people BUYER BEWARE!! (wonder if theres a lemon law for these???)
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    Musical pull toy

    Dear Musical pull toy,

    You have the same quotes in several websites. We are not a ripoff. I don't believe you bought a bike from us. We have the actual prices on our website. www.phoenixebike.com So how did you come up with $800? Our batteries are not defective. We allow any customers to check over the bike before purchase. We do have battery tester to show the battery voltage. I never tell customer to over charge 6 hours. Yes, the charger may not shut off, so you must charge it from 3 to 4 hours no more than 6 hours. How do you come up with $245 on the batteries. It cost $45 times 4 batteries. That is $180 for new batteries. I am pretty sure you are a competitor. But I do want to remind our competitor that I don't write any nasty things on the internet about you. We don't need to play dirty pool. You write buyer beware. It is very important to ask questions before deciding to do any major purchase. Our business established in 1970, but the bike business began in 2006. We are getting another shipment next month. There is no hidden cost. We are affordable in the bike business and we are affordable on repairs. If you buy bikes on the internet make sure you be able to get parts, because parts may not be available locally. You can always see our showroom 6 days a week from 9-5 p.m. We close on Sunday and major holidays.
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    YES , i do have this posted other places. I will continue to do so till you replace the defective 1 you sold me. NO i have the bike that takes 5 batteries. OK, i payd $796 for the bike, $245 for the new batteries to replace the batteries in the NEW bike you sold me!! Brand new with defective batteries and you would NOT replace them! All of this has happen to my bike in less then a year. Why should i not warn others?
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    Another e-bike shop

    The down town people are nice, there is another brand of electric bikes in Phoenix available here; http://skironbikes.com/
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    Maybe u would like to come see 4 urself. this AOWA e-bike is falling apart. they are made from cheap brittle plastic. themetal is not to american standards.
    latestest update: the alarm no longer works rear fender (2 piece plastic) has broke were the screws hold it together, the crank has loosened up. THESE ARE AN EXTREAMLY POOR QUALITY PRODUCT!
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    Sometimes shopping on line and paying a little freight is worth it.
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    Way old topic but I am in Phoenix and custom build electrics to you needs and all with gears.

    From subtle and classy...


    To extreme racers...


    To big powerful electric adult trikes...


    They all use the bikes drive train and gears for outstanding flexibility and other than building on a recumbent bicycle or using some lame tire-rubber wimpy little 4-stroke I have build at least one if not many of most everything plausible to do gas or electric.
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    Scooter Invasion in Tempe used to have some. It was a few years back.
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    same bike different name

    sorry phxbiker88. nice? try their smiling because they know they got you by the kahonies. profit.,


    Skiron Bikes Phoenix Electric Bike Company and Store, hybikes, aowa, gobikesusa, CozyTrike, Smart-N-Go Solutions, [to be continued]

    these are the dealers ive found so far. all the same junk under different names.
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    Try to search on google with the closest location of the shop. I am sure, you will find it best.

    Electric Bike Kit
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