Where to buy cyclindrical gas tank?

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  1. surfingbird

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    I don't want to use the gas tank that comes with kit, I would really like an old school looking cyclinder as my gas tank

    where can i find one

    any help is appreiated

  2. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    Many old small gas engines used that type of tank . Keep an eye on E Bay & other sites.
  3. Dymaxion

    Dymaxion New Member

    Old thread, but if you are still looking, try coyote-gear.com
  4. buzbikebklyn1

    buzbikebklyn1 New Member

    Pirate Cycles has a nice spun aluminum seat post mounted job, but its a bit pricey...
    Have you seen my home made copper rack mounted tank?
    Have a look...

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  5. NewOrleansFlyer

    NewOrleansFlyer New Member

    Is that 4" pipe or 6"??? What'd cost ya??
  6. buzbikebklyn1

    buzbikebklyn1 New Member

    Its made out of a 4" X 8" length of type "L" copper water pipe,
    2, 4" copper caps, 1, brass, double male garden hose connector,
    1 brass hose cap,
    1 short piece of 1/8" copper tube to make a vent line,
    1, female 1/4" adapter,
    1, SPB fuel valve.
    1, roll of no lead solder,
    1, small can of soldering flux.
    I suggest you use a good jet type torch head and Map gas.

    I first fitted all the parts together cleaning them with fine sand paper and steel wool, then i applied flux to the ends of the pipe and put the whole thing in the oven for 20 minutes bringing it up to soldering temperature, this step saves on Map gas because copper that size needs alot of heat to solder properly.
    Then using a pair of "OVEGLOVES" heat proof gloves i quickly removed it from the oven and fired up my torch and started soldering the end caps in place.

    I then ground off the threads on half of the garden hose connector and VERY carefully drilled a 1" hole were i wanted the gas bung, back into the stove it went for 20 minutes, i took it out again and soldered the bung in place.
    Then i drilled a 1/2" hole in the bottom of the tank were i wanted the fuel valve to go, and soldered that in place.
    Let it fully cool.
    I then put a hand full of steel nuts in the tank with dish soap and hot water and shook it very well to clean out any excess flux or copper shavings out of the tank, do not skip this step, i then blew it out dry with compressed air.
    All told the part alone cost me about $100 bucks IF your plumbing supplier is nice enough to sell you a short length of 4" pipe.
    I hope this helps.
  7. andyinchville1

    andyinchville1 New Member


    NICE tank...WOW.....of course with the price of scrap metal AND fuel better keep it securely mounted and bike locked! ;-)

    Good job!

  8. buzbikebklyn1

    buzbikebklyn1 New Member

    Andy, I use 3 different kinds of locks when I have no other choice but to lock her down out side.

    A Kryptonite NYC noose octagonal link chain and an American "disc" lock (looks like a steel hockey puck) that has no hasp to cut.
    One long/wide Krypto "U" lock meant for motorcycles and a pair of 16" chain Master lock Bike cuffs.
    Never Never Never chain it down to one of those stamped steel crappy parking sign poles, the steel is very soft and can easily be cut with a battery powered saws all, dont scoff, ive seen it happen.
    Luckily my Boss is a total bike fanatic as well and we pull both bikes up and down threw the basement sidewalk hatch, its a major pain in the behind, but at least we know our rides will be there at the end of the night,we then chain them down to the pipes in the basement just in case.
    Thats how bad bike theft has gotten in NYC.

    The tank its self can easily built out of aluminum or steel, but the copper really sets the bike off i think.
    If you were to use a large 3" or 4" X 8" threaded electrical conduit nipple for the main body and two threaded end caps it would be about 50% cheaper, but then it still has to be drilled for the gas cap bung and fuel valve bung and those need to be welded in place,that's about a $50 dollar job in any decent welding shop, (another reason i like the copper, no welding required)
    then painted or polished and clear coated.
    Its an easy project that almost any one can do.
    I've even seen them made from PVC pipe, although im not so sure that the gas wont eat threw the plastic as some point.

    The Best price I've ever found on cylindrical rack or post mount spun aluminum tank was $250.00 from Pirate cycles, they make a nice one.

    If you decide to "roll your own" hit me up for a little help.
  9. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    I'd like to make one out of PVC, then paint it black primer and copper color paint. I've seen threads here or the other big MB site about making them from large food cans (steel food service cans).

    Re: 3 locks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHmMjQOXgno Thug chops down tree in public sidewalk, to steal a huffy, then doesn't even want it after test riding it!
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