Where to buy engine kits in canada (besides ebay)?



First of all , I don't drive a car or motorcycle (can't afford either one),So naturally I've been thinking of building a motoized bicycle.I ride a regular mountain bike every single day-it's my only form of transportation, but I can't even get out of town (bus system sucks, & doesn't go into the mountains anyways...)

So, I've done a lot of research, &, for several reasons I'm extremely FRUSTRATED:

Bicycle engine laws in canada are EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE.

There's hardly ANY 4-stroke bicycle engines in existance anywhere.Ones that do exist are very expensive.:confused:

For 2-strokes, there used to be skyhawkcanada, but they seem to have been shut down, just as I was about to buy one:eek:

I can't buy one from Ebay because I don't have a credit card.The chinese engines seem cheap ( I need something totally reliable.I do not want to be stuck in the mountains w/a broken engine.

I can see the mountains every **** day, but I can't get to them.:cry:

I just learned that 8 motorized bicycles have been confiscated (by the police, I presume ) on the west coast here in Canada this year alone, in a thread in the laws & regulations area of the forum.70% of these people have been FINED!

I'm trying very, very hard to not go into dept for motorized transportation, & it seems that the whole motorized bike idea is dead.For me, I might as well forget it.

I might as well just stay inside & stare at the walls:-|

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You can easily build a cop-friendly electric bike that will have the same performance (but not range of course) as any of the motored bikes on here. Check out www.ebikes.ca as they are local to you, and cater to the DIY market.

Last week when I was going through GEBE's review one by one, looking for axle mount modifications, I recall there being three or four GEBEr's in Canada.

Since the size is 25cc or 33cc, that is way below the 49cc cut-off for mopeds, and all the engines pass EPA air regs. and noise levels.

Before I bought my first, Julia gave me a couple of customers addresses to correspond with, then call on the telephone.

Perhaps they could give you the Canadian folks addresses or e-mails, so you could get more information.

If I were threatened with confiscation with a small/muffled engine, it would go to the supreme court !!!

Click on the GEBE thingamabob on the top left of the page, search the review for Canadian testimonies....