where to buy engine?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bw1, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. bw1

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    Where are you folks buying the R/S EH035 engine from. I'm in the LA area and cant find anybody who sells it

    thanks all


  2. darwin

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    Staton has them on sale right now, excellent kit with quality parts.
  3. Porkchop

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    Gee ! Are they that hard to find in LA ? There are several Lawn & Garden equipment dealers in my area that seel them ! I shopped around about 2 years ago for them, but ended up buying a Honda.
  4. JunkyardDog

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    I bought one a couple of months ago, but can't remember where. I will look it up. I HIGHLY recommend this engine, I am on the heavy side, have put well over 1000 miles on it, and it still runs like new, and it is QUIET. I also am totally satisfied with the BMP kit I used to mount it with, absolutely excellent quality, and a good price. I understand BMP has new owners, I hope they continue to produce the same kit, I really don't know how you could improve it. It really does look and work like something that cost a lot more.

    As for Staton, they used to make the best stuff out there, they also used to be easy to deal with. But I have been hearing about a lot of problems with their products recently, and they are no longer easy to deal with. I emailed them, ready to spend several hundred $$$, and they wouldn't even bother to tell me what I needed for a specific recumbent bike that they used to make a kit for, only that they might have the parts, but it would be up to me to figure out what I needed. How am I supposed to do that when I can't actually see the parts? I'm pretty disappointed in Staton.
  5. darwin

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    Junk what roller do you have with the r/s? how far can you go on a tank of gas? How fast on the flats w/your roller/. I just bought a r/s kit and am wondering.
  6. I can agree with you more....David Staton is a smart *** on the phone,I was on his website and asked him were to find the parts he said he sold and he told me that if I wanted the parts,that I would have to find them on his website myself and he wasent helpfull at all,he was rude and acted like he was doing me a favor buy selling me something and didnt treat me like a customer at all....I asked him his name and wanted to speak to the manager or owner and he said he was David and was the owner....After I got off the phone with him,I found the engine I was looking for on his website and ended up ordering the engine from him anyways becouse I really needed it....I have never been treated so bad buy a dealer in all my life....
  7. Happy Valley

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    Heh, Dave Staton is a piece of work. He's been very helpful to me on a couple of projects. I think he comes off as an independent cuss till you get past that tough Oklahoma exterior. He builds things like a farmer would build them, no nonsense and to the point, but I guess it rubs off on his personality. I told him that once and he said "no offense meant, so how can I help ya", he's got a thick skin, lol.
  8. That makes me feel a little bit better knowing that....I was taking it kinda personal....I wanted to jump through the phone and hit him in his mouth for being disrespectful,lol....But in the end I still ordered the engine from him....I got a e-mail saying it was shipped today so he is sending his products out promply....
  9. Happy Valley

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    That's good John, great little engine, smooth and dependable. One thing I'll say about Dave is in today's world of fly by night, he's old school and stands by his word and what he sells.
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  10. Thats great to know....I hear nothing but good things about the S/R 4 stroke....I ordered the 4 stroke becouse I didnt want to have to mix gas and beable to just pull up to the pump and go....How often do you change the oil and what oil would you recomend to use during breakin and what oil to use after that????
  11. Happy Valley

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    Oops had a typo above but edited it, meant dependable, lol.

    Gee John, we'll likely start a skirmish discussing what oil to use, lol. Guys like what they like. Tell you what I know. Here's the link to the R/S manuals if you don't have it.


    R/S mostly recommends 10w30 and 10w40 for hot climates. They do not commit on dino vs synth. I use 10w30 conventional for break in and then 10-30 synthetic in cool weather and 10/40 synthetic in the hot summer months.

    Now, to mix that all up, lol, a good 'ol boy near me who has run a lawn equipment shop for 35 years and is an authorized R/S dealer said to me once: "that engine wants straight 30 weight oil". Go figure, lol.
  12. Happy Vally,you ant kidding about the oil debate lol...We start talking about this and we will open up a whole can of worms....You answered my question on the 10w30 or 10w40....I have never ridden anything but the 2 stroke HT engines and had no idea of what the 4 strokes needed....Im thinking about going with the Royal purple oil,or mabe not lol....Im sure if I change it regularly almost any oil will do....
  13. wbuttry

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    i emailed staton the other day and he was a smart *** to me and i was also gonna spend a couple hundred in ther not now though dax has everthing i need im getting the rear mount chain drive to go with my 49cc monster engine ir is a shame staton is a dufess cause i love that one piece roller for the frictin kits until he has respect for his customers im not buying from him..