Where to buy friction drive wheels?

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  1. Tay

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    Can anyone tell me where I can buy drive wheels for a friction drive engine? I haven't been able to find anywhere that sells them.

  2. loquin

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    Any slick or semi-slick tire works well with friction drives, like the Innova Swiftor, or the Armadillo. Or, inverted tread tires with a continuous raised center portion like the Continental Town & Country tire also work well.

    The Swiftor gives great grip and cornering, and low rolling friction, but they have a softer rubber that will puncture relatively easily. And, tread is useless on bike tires, used on the street, rain or shin, in any case.

    The Town & Country has a little less 'grip' on the road, and don't corner as well, but they do a good job of blocking thorns and the like, and work well on many off-road situations also.

    As far as finding them, use google.

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  3. Tay

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    Thanks, but by "drive wheel" I meant the cylinder/wheel that makes contact the tire and powers it. The ones that can be wood, or urethane, etc. Any info on those?
  4. BigBlue

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    Technical name: Drive Roller - Staton has them for his products:
    http://www.staton-inc.com/store/catalog/14_Staton_Inc_Drive_Components-27-8.html. I don't know what your setup is, so I don't know if Staton's will work for you or not.

    If you're building your own friction drive, you either have to make or have a machine shop make one for you. If you are using a direct drive, some have used bmx foot pegs bolted to the shaft.

    Good Luck,

    AKA: BigBlue
  5. Tay

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    Thanks, I guess the booklet I have is a little outdated. I have a Dimension Edge engine that is about 12 years old or so. They call them Drive Wheels in the manual, but it looks like DE doesn't sell them anymore. I'll check out Staton.
  6. Happy Valley

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    Last I knew Rob at DE was selling drive arbors to fit their systems. Give him a shout, I think they are happy to oblige.

    Scroll down and the pics on the right: wooden, polyvinyl and stone aggregate.
    http://www.bikemotor.com/mitsubishi bicycle engine.html

    Also one great thing about the DE drive is, as far as the wooden rollers anyway, you can make your own very inexpensively with a hole-saw set-up and a stick of lumber.
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