Where to buy Huasheng recoil pulley

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  1. Eman64

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    Hi all,
    Got a new rig with a Huasheng 48 cc 4 stroke, and the rope broke on the 2nd or 3rd ride. Looks like the tech at the factory overtightened the retaining screw and damaged the spring. The wheel does not freely wind or release. Any help in obtaining a replacment would be greatly appreciated.
    PS: The kit fits well on the Walmart Schwinn Landmark Cruiser (7-spd)

  2. warranty???

    Where did kit come from. Engine should be under warranty. Bicycle-engines.com has HS engine parts. They have a 6 month warranty on the HS engines
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    I looked allover BE and they did not list any parts for the pull start. :(
    Perhaps a phone call with them might get further?