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    Hi, im very interested in purchasing a motorized bicycle. I would really like to purchase at a local shop rather than buying online, does anyone know of any shops around Orange County Ca. Thanks for any information you may have.

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    I know that it's a ways away -- but
    in San Diego a bicycle shop down the road sells a fine quality MB machine
    it shouldn't be needing any repairs for a very very long time

    one trip down to A&B Bicycle Shop in Santee -- and you got it

    if interested -- I may be able to get you a discount -- help pay for some gas

    always fun to ride those things
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    How far is Santa Cruz from where you are? I bought from these guys: http://www.scgreenmotors.com/1801.html

    I cannot recommend them as of yet because I have not gotten my MB, still in route. If you decide to go out there let us know what you think first hand.

    I will post my experience with their product.