Where to find 6 splined sprockets?

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    Attached, is a picture of the one I have from DAX that fits onto his PTO unit... I believe it is stated as a 1/2" shaft

    I need more then 10 teeth on the drive sprocket as I am using this on a trailer which has 12" wheels.

    Jackshafts are not the answer as I can not find the higher teeth counts for #41 chain, and trying to keep this compact and simple.

    Anyone know where I might find a 6 splined sprocket like this with 15+ tooth count?

    I tried McMaster Carr, but with no luck...

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  3. Wheres my dog

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    The pocket bikes site has splined sprockets, but they look to be for 8mm chain...

    Would like to stay with #41, but would be happy if someone finds #35 chain splined sprockets even
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    I saw a nine tooth somewhere once, but that is about as small as you can physically go due to the diameter of the sprocket not leaving enough *meat* to machine before hitting the shaft. I ran into the same problem on another application and went to the metric chain and pocket bike sprockets on the big side.

    Also the 1/2 inch pitch becomes cumbersome from a speed point of view. Hence the #25 chain on a lot of pocket bikes.