Where to find a good Chopper Bicycle for under $300?


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Jun 29, 2008
I google searched and couldn't really find anywhere that sells these. Wal-Mart has this one but it says it will only hold 175 lbs, and I weigh about 220.

Anyone know a good place on the net to buy chopper bicycles that will support my weight and can handle a 70cc engine for under $300?
I saw somebody on eBay selling one that they'd ship. There were also a few other local pickup auctions in CA, FL, MA, I think OH, and maybe another state or two.

I'd also check out the local classifieds, and maybe even go beat up some kid pedaling around on one... or at least show him a wad of cash and ask him if he'd like to trade.

Weight can't be that serious of an issue, can it?
Go for it!!

I just saw this in case you're interested in what appears to be a slightly larger frame... http://www.fiveflagsmotorbikes.com/wizard7_a.htm

But I think I'd still take the cheap way out as long as your local bike looked like it was sturdy enough for you, and was obviously in great condition. I'm not sure what wouldn't be sturdy about adding an extra 50 lbs, especially if you don't go over 30mph more than once. ;-)

I know I've seen chopper bikes in the paper a number of times. Kids grow out of them and there's nothing left to do but sell it to an adult!! Muhahaha... like stealin' candy from a baby.
Anyone know if these Schwinn Stingray Choppers have that freewheel thing? You know, where you can cruise without pedaling and pedal backwards.
yeah try finding a little kid

Yeah try to find one in your city somewhere and just keep an eye on it and wait for the kid to get on it then ask. i was driving with my friend and talkin to him about how good they look cause he was wanting to build a bike and we passed by one at a video game/comic book store place. and later when we were driving back by, the kid that owned it just happened to be getting on it. so we had to turn around and by that time we lost them. we went looking cause he wanted it, and found him about a block away. well anyways long story short. it needed brakes and a kickstand, and he got it for 80 bucks. the kids acted like they won the lottery. well anyways good luck finding one.
... and he got it for 80 bucks. the kids acted like they won the lottery. well anyways good luck finding one.
That's the greatest thing about the Schwinn choppers that kids grow out of. They know it's not worth $80, but we adults know a little bit better. In a year or two, Schwinn choppers will prolly start getting closer to $200, like older, fuel-efficient cars are increasing in value today.
$245 for a chopper frame and no extra work.....

I bought a schwin spoiler chopper. What a pain in the a$$ to put an engine on that. Just in case you are interested here's the link on the build.... http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=6512

Here's one with all the work done for you


The guy told me that if I bought two he would give me a break on the price. I think he said two for $420 (plus shipping). I can find out. If anyone else is interested let me know and I'll find out if he will honor the discount when it's with multiple buyers.