Where to get a chain tensioner like this

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    (in Aus) (Or Ebay)


    That or is there anything better or of more quality? What is this chain tensioner called?

    Current chain tensioner (the normal one) went right into the wheel and destroyed 3 spokes
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    Good design but from experience that roller nut needs to be TIGHT and have surface area to support it. I'd be afraid the 2 thin strips would separate from the forces put on them..........maybe just a bigger washer on the nut side would do it? Don't know where to buy them like that though.
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    That is the website you can get that exact chain tensioner with roller and bearing.. Pretty thick, almost 1\2". I'm still looking for one on ebay or from AUS for you, but i'm sure that company would ship it to you. Its the second section down on that site and it uses paypal, but its called "12 1/2"INCH ARCH CHAIN TENSIONER KIT"

    you can call Lynn at 414-732-0017 (unsure of your country code to use) but i'm sure they would ship to you (for a fee) even though that tensioner is already $42 american $45.52 in your currency.

    im still looking for you though!!!
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    contact info

    I actually just got off the phone with Lynn for you so no need to call her. You would have to email Devin at (devinhetzel@gmail.com) for shipping information and going rates. That's the best I can come up with for you for the time being but i'll keep an eye out for ya!
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    Yea after seeing a side pic it's thick enough. Straight on thought maybe it was sheet metal.
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    I appreciate this so much, thanks friend!
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    I haven't used that one, but I purchased a kit to convert the stock tensioner to spring loaded. It works very well.
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