Chains Where to get a cheap #41 chain?

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    I'm finally looking to do a new 2 stroke build on a new Huffy Cranbrook. I haven't even ordered the kit yet. I have not built one of these in some years, but I find myself in need of cheap transport once again. First thing I did was to dig up my old chains post here

    410 vs 415 drive chain, catasrophic failure brand new engine

    but the old links for the #41 chain are outdated. The first thing I wanna do is buy a #41 chain. It is very wide, offering some 'wiggle room' where tension and alignment issues are concerned. It's also very heavy, so stretching/breakage is not an issue. The only problem with a #41 on certain rigs is it's width causing clearance problems to the spokes/tire/fender/brake arm. If you can fit a #41 on your rig, I highly recommend it. It is a tank. If you can get it on and tensioned properly, you will never have another breakage or sprocket jump again.

    I always had some tension or alignment issues with other chains as normal wear & tear will loosen your chain or tweak your alignment over time. It was just a known fact that if you did not maintain your alignment and tension properly that you risked jumping your drive chain from the wheel sprocket, or (god help you) the drive sprocket. I had a crappy Chinese 410 chain jump the drive sprocket and damage my engine, (see linked post above) and someone recommended the #41 chain to me. After installing it I NEVER jumped a sprocket again. Even when I neglected it and could see slack in my drive chain, it WOULD NOT jump. I never used a tensioner again. It's 1/4 inch width (410 is 1/8 inch wide) means that it barely fits within the drive sprocket housing and even a misaligned wheel sprocket can wobble inside the links a bit and not cause problems. It is so thick that there is no risk of chain stretch from the torque put out by your 2 stroke. In short, the #41 roller chain is the best choice for a 2-stroke kit with a straight drive to the rear wheel, in my opinion.

    Before even going to google, I came to this site. Does anyone have a recommendation for where to find a reasonably priced #41 roller chain and maybe a decent cheap chain break tool that will fit it? Thanks in advance.
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    I get mine from Tractor Supply.
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    I got mine at Staton Inc.
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    Staton inc sells by the foot which is nice. It saves a little money to buy only as much as you need.
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    Hey, question..does 41 chain fit on 410 bike freewheels & sprockets??? Hoping. Thx
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    the pitch is right but it'll have some side to side slop. no big deal there