where to get drive chain locally?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by coyote888, May 4, 2015.

  1. coyote888

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    I go through a lot of chain, between experiments gone wrong and trying various different sprockets. Menards by my house sells master links for the 415 chain but I couldn't find the chain itself. Home depot doesnt. I don't think tractor supply does. Maybe a bike shop? Waiting a week to ride whenever I need a new chain gets kinda old but if that's what needs to be done oh well. I don't buy multiple in advance because money is kinda tight for me haha

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Size 41 chain works. Some say it works better than 415.

    And it's easier to find locally. In my area is a chain of stores called Tractor Supply Company. They carry it.

    If they are not in your neighborhood, then you might find it at a good hardware store. And I'll bet you can find it at a farm implement dealership. You know, John Deere and guys like that.
  3. butre

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    Tractor supply carries 41 chain, as does NAPA. Last time I went to NAPA they said they didn't have it and the closest store that did was the one in Memphis, but they'd be glad to order it for me, and it would be ready for pickup in 3 days. I just went to Tractor Supply since it's only a few miles further.

    you'll never break a #41 chain, they're nearly indestructible.
  4. Slogger

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    I looked at a #41 chain, man that thing was massive.
    I read on here of a 415 Industrial chain made by KMC. I was having tire clearance problems on my 29 er due to a fat 55 mm set I put on.
    The 415 industrial is so light and narrow I picked up about 1/16" more clearance than the 415 allowed, (just barely enough, Whew!) but there was another plus I hadn't thought about.
    That thing is light, the bike pedals a lot easier and I'm certain a bit more HP will make it to the back wheel.
    I got it through Pirate Cycles with an extra master link it was about $19 with free shipping.
    They sent me a big Pirate Cycle sticker, too. ;)
    I'd recommend these chains to anyone, they're light, narrow and tuff enough to last.
    Good luck to ya'll.
  5. miketaco

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    note to self ask ur local lawn mower guys..

    napa could of ordered one.(forget waiting) ace hardware no luck but...

    this lil ol lawn mower mom and pops shop had #41 or size chain and master links that i needed hope this helps (cause im out in the boonies hard to find local stuff)
  6. Timbone

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    I am very happy with the 415 chain. I have one that I have put through TONS of abuse and I am simply happy I am not a piece of metal that touches it as it rolls by. It seems to be the perfect middleground as a small motorcycle chain.
  7. miketaco

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    i have a frankin chain a stock #415 with a #41 master link on top of #415 ...

    the chain flows nicely threw...i like the #415 size as well its a good work horse