Where to Grease?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Tinsmith, May 23, 2009.

  1. Tinsmith

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    I have had my first build up and running for a few weeks. I am having a great time. It is a Grubee chopper kit with a 70 CC 2 stroke. Thanks to this site I have had a pretty successful go so far. In a thread on 3/26 by AZBILL suggested greasing the headset and crank bearings. While I am fairly mechanical, I am no motorhead and some of the terminology goes right by me. I know about the little gear in front of the clutch plates and the I think it's called the camshaft shifting rod, I want to make sure everything that needs greased is covered. Thanks for any help

  2. fetor56

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    Engine only:
    Where the gears intermesh on the RHS is a good place to start.
    Also a little grease on the LHS clutch shaft and in the hole is recommended.
    With grease i use normal grease mixed with graphite powder(from locksmiths).......probably overkill but that's just me.
  3. Tinsmith

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    Thanks Fetor56. I'll try getting some back in that hole. I won't be doing any hard long riding. It's just used around a small rural town of about 8 streets, so it won't be overworked.
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    NP...if u want to take that shaft out make sure u orientate it correctly;it does come out.
    There is an upgrade kit to make the clutch pressure much lighter but i really don't think in your case it's necessary.
  5. Junster

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    What about the hole that the clutch cable mount screws in? If you take it off the hole goes right thru to the clutch shaft. Anyone ever screwed a zerk (grease nipple) fitting into that hole and pump a lil grease in there?
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    Junster's question is interesting and needs an answer. I have a feeling that that'll put grease where you don't want it to be. But I'm really only guessing. Hopefully someone will come along who actually knows.

    tinsmith, when azbill mentioned headset and crank bearings he was talking about parts of the bicycle, as opposed to parts of the engine. And it was good advice. You'll never go wrong keeping those clean and greased. The same thing goes for the wheel bearings.
    It's not hard at all to get at any of them. But I won't try to map it out for you in words here, I'd only make a mess of it.

    But if you checked out, say, Sheldon Brown's web page I'll bet you'd find what you need.
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    Junkster is right , there are 4 places to grease and they all seem to involve he clutch area.

    1. The bean sized blob in the main reduction gear where the clutch is located.
    2. The 56 little bearings under the clutch a little hard to get to .
    3. Under the clutch cable holder .
    (this is where the real clutch spring is, and an adjuster for main clutch spring tension.)
    4. where the ball and pin are in he center of the output sprocket Dont forget to lube the clutch actuator arm too..
    Hope this helps
  8. Junster

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    I didn't use a grease fitting but I did use a injector tip to fill the hole the cable mount is screwed into. Made my clutch quieter and smoother. I also took the clutch arm cover off and filled the hole behind the clutch push pin again. While I had it apart I used a dremel to just slightly round off the back edge of the flat on the rod the clutch arm goes on. The edge that pushes the clutch pin. Made the clutch have alot better smoother feel.