Where To Locate Carbjet

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    :thinking::thinking:Just wondering if anyone (EVERYONE) KNOWS WHERE TO LOCATE THE JET IN NT MOTORISED BICYCLE CARB. i take the bottom bowl of then in the middle of that white round bowl inside the carb i see this copper thing and in the middle it has a tiny hole and it can screw out with a spanner and i heard that jets screw out with a screw diriver and my one doesnt so is it still the jet because it like 2 inches long i went on a website where they sell carb jets and there like a tiny little screw now someone plz tell me where to locate the jet in a standerd carburator.



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    So after the float (white plastic thing) is out of the way and you take the brass fuel tube out (not quite 2" long) the jet itself unscrews from the tube by griping the tube with an open end wrench and turning the jet make sense?

    Pretty good one whole sentence!