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where to place the tention bracket



so we peddle our bike 2 turns to start the motor ,that means 100 miles with the motor ,and maybe 1 mile by peddles ,, so where do you think the best place to put the tension bracket ,,,of course put it on the bicycle chain not the engin chain
what a difference ,, the engine chain should be broke in to begin with ,,i added a spacer on the back mount to move the motor ahead just enough to tighten the chain ,,and that now gives me lots of room to adjust the tension by moving the wheel back if need be ,, with only 1 speed on my bicycle
i added a tension bar on my bicycle chain ,if i decide to peddle 100 miles and motor only 1 mile
i may change it back ,,
have a great day

iRide Customs

Apr 27, 2007
I suppose that makes sense. Some of the tensioners I have seen are kinda wimpy and look like they should go on the pedal side.