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    Hey guys, found this forum as I am looking for where to start on a gas bike build for my Electra cruiser. I have had the cruiser for a while, love the bike but the gas option has always had my attention. I want a four stroke, for quiet no mix gassing, to cruise around town. I have no clue where to start, what to buy or what kits to consider. Can anyone lead me into the right path of decision making to find the right kit for my bike? Thanks much, I can't wait to play around with this project.

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    First, you need to decide frame-mount or rack-mount.I would suggest starting with a friction drive, a Staton (if you have the $$) or a Thatsdax would work.If you can, get a good engine, that would be Robin-Subaru EH035 or Honda GX35-GX50 (GHX50?), starting with a good engine will keep your motivation going, because you know at least the engine isn't the problem, you can always use them with other kits, and if you don't get into it they always have a good resale value.I'd say it's better to start with a used engine, from a good company, than a new engine from a Chinese company (harbor freight comes to mind).Other than that, you want hand brakes with these bikes.Have fun and be careful.
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    Do a lot of reading here.
    I have 2 HF engines on bikes - a 79cc and 212cc- I like them, the small one runs smooth but the biggie vibrates. Gokart guys use the clones 194-212ccs big time.