Where to start, kind of kit, kind of bike, anyone sell it ready to ride?

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  1. artmaker

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    I'm swamped. Started looking at theh 80cc kids on ebay, not sure what kind of bike would work, but looking at several big sturdy old style schwin bikes walmart carries.
    but questions....
    Can the bike have gears? Or does that really complicate things?
    What about breaks? Hand breaks? Must be coaster? One bike had a disk break.

    What about those weird new frames not round tubes, but those flat bars. I do not have a mechanics shop, no welding, drilling (unless a hand drill can do it.)

    Finally, I'd be willing at least for my first ride, to just buy one already running. That style bike, (big springy seat, upright seating, no ten speed hunch, full fenders, like that.)

    Admins, please put this where it goes best.

  2. stude13

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    hi; all of your questions have been answered some many times on this site. lots to read. good luck
  3. srdavo

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    since you asked.......:rolleyes:
    how about, I move this to the BUY, SELL & TRADE forum and let the venders come to you?:?:
  4. artmaker

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    hi Dave, buy sell trade it is then,

    Got reading to do.
  5. HoughMade

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    I posted a thought on your questions in the into section- for those of us who are natives, what part of SW Michigan?
  6. artmaker

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    Little dust speck on a map, Keeler. (Six miles So. of Hartford. Or about 11 mi north of Dowagiac.)
  7. artmaker

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    Hey!!! I finally got the bike I want at least. The walmart/schwin, point beach cruiser.

    A cheap bike once I got into putting it together, but should be good enough for a first attempt at this.

    now... to start saving up for the main part. Motor!